SOUTHEAST: Jeremiah Wilson, Treasure Coast Newspapers: First Place Sports Action, January 2018

CENTRAL: Ben Matthews, Southeast Missourian: First Place Spot News, January 2018

MID-ATLANTIC: Steph Chambers, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: First Place General News

SOUTH: Jon Shapley, Houston Chronicle: First Place General News, January 2018

NY/INTERNATIONAL: Rodrigo Abd, Associated Press: First Place Photo Story/Essay, January 2018

NEW ENGLAND: Ben McCanna, Portland Press Herald: First Place Feature/Single, January 2018

MIDWEST: Lacy Atkins, The Tennessean: First Place Portrait/Illustration, January 2018

NORTHWEST: Eli Lucero, The Herald Journal: First Place Sports Feature, January 2018

WEST: Hayne Palmour IV, San Diego Union-Tribune: First Place General News, January 2018

MULTIMEDIA: Lindsay Pierce, The Denver Post: 1st Place Short - Third Quarter 2017

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