The NPPA presents a free day of seminars for all independent photographers who would like to learn how to succeed as business owners.

Join us on October 26, 2013, from 9:30am - 4:30pm at The University of Georgia in the Drewry Room (room 238) of the Journalism Building, which sits at the intersection of Baldwin and Sanford Streets. Parking will be in the N09 lot on Hooper Street near the corner of East Campus Drive.

The NPPA will help independent photographers with presentations to help you understand and help you work effectively with:

  • Contracts - What do terms mean? What must be in your contract and what should you not agree to?
  • Copyright - How can the law help YOU protect the value of your pictures?
  • Cost of Doing Business - What will it take for you to not only survive but profit?
  • Pricing and Negotiating - How do you get paid what you're worth?
  • Marketing and Branding - How do you make attractive clients want your special style?
  • Finding a Future - How do we continue as successful tellers of important visual stories?

Advanced registration is required for Business Blitz, but the event is FREE. Please register by 3pm EST on Friday, October 25th. 

Speakers are Deb Pang Davis, Mickey Osterreicher, and Greg Smith. A schedule will be posted soon. 

Doors open at 9:30

Morningsessions start at 10:00

Event wraps up at 4:30pm