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Save the date for the Contest awards reception, Saturday, March 15, 2014, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, in Warwick, RI, at the conclusion of the NSC conference.

The NSC Photographer of the Year will receive a Nikon camera, courtesy of NIKON, a plaque and a  thinkTank Sling-O-Matic™ 30 Sling Camera Bag valued at $197.75 USD.  Plaques will also be awarded to second and third place POY winners.

 A Best of Show winner will be selected from the first place winners in each category and receive a plaque.

 NSC plaques will be awarded for first place in each category. In addition first place still category winners will receive a thinkTank Sling-O-Matic™ 20 Sling Camera Bag, valued at $167.75 USD. First place multimedia category winners receive a thinkTank Sling-O-Matic™ 30 Sling Camera Bag valued at $197.75 USD.  Certificates will be awarded for 2nd, and 3rd place in each category.

A plaque is awarded by Nikon to the newspaper or organization with the most points compiled from first, second and third place awards in individual and team categories.

All prizes will be awarded during the 2014 Northern Short Course Contest Awards Reception March 15th at the conclusion of the NSC.

The 2014 NSC Contest is now open. Click the register now button below to sign up for the contest. Once you register return to your my account page and click the blue submit work button to proceed with your entry.

Single Entries
$45 for up to 20 singles, picture stories and individual or team multimedia entries.

Portfolio Entry
$75.00 price includes up to 20 singles, picture stories, or team multimedia entries at no additional cost in addition to portfolio submission.

For further information or to answer any questions, contact contest co-chairmen,
Steve Falk or Andy Mendelson at


The 2014 still photography and multimedia competition is open to Professional and Student NPPA members of Regions 1, 2, and 3 ONLY. All entries must have been taken or published between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013.

General Guidelines

  • Photographers may enter in the single picture competition, the portfolio
 competition, the multimedia competition or all of the above.

  • A single photograph may be entered only once among the single-picture categories.
  • A single photograph may appear as part of a picture story, but in no more than one story.
  • A story summary must be included in the caption field of the first photo in a picture story

  • A picture story/ multimedia entry may be entered both in an individual category and as a part of a portfolio.
  • A single photo, a picture story, and a multimedia entry each count as one entry.
  • ALL entries that are un-viewable by the contest staff or judges will be disqualified.
  • Multimedia URL's will not be accepted behind a paywall.
  • Photographs entered in the wrong category will NOT be reclassified and will be disqualified.
  • Photographs taken outside of North America are excluded from Spot News Single, General News Single, News Picture Story and Feature Picture Story.
  • If you want to enter the same picture in a Single or Picture Story or Individual Multimedia category and in your Portfolio, just check the "Include this image in my Portfolio" box on the entry form.

File Preparation

  • Save each image as an RGB file. Do not use CMYK.
  • Resolution: 200 to 300 dpi, minimum
  • Image Size: 2,500 pixels or larger, on the longest side — width or height
  • The sizing above is the minimum file sizes larger sizes are acceptable.
  • Quality (under “compression”): .JPG high.
  • Entries must be submitted using the online form.
  • Except for the Conceptual Photographic Illustration (formerly Food / Fashion / Illustration) category, entries must be from a single still camera frame and may not be electronically manipulated or altered (other than the normal balancing and toning of a digital camera image). No sandwiched negatives are permitted. Only burning, dodging and spotting are allowed.
  • Entries do not need to have been published.
  • The decisions of the contest judges and committee are final.

File Information Fields Required to Enter the Contest

  • Caption - This caption will be shown together with your photograph during public viewing of the archive and winners. Please check grammar and spelling before submitting. Informative captions are stongly encouraged. Do not include your name or publication credit in your caption.
  • Credit – Photographer’s name
  • Source - Employer or client

Single Picture Categories
To enter a Single Picture entry, click the Create New Still Entry link on the Entry view page, select a picture category from the popup, choose an image and enter a caption, and click Submit. After you enter each image, you will be returned to your Entry page to view the list of your entries.

Spot News
A picture of an unscheduled event for which no advanced planning was possible. No photographs taken outside of North America allowed

General News
A picture of a scheduled event for which advanced planning was possible. No photographs taken outside of North America allowed

Feature Picture
Usually a "Found" situation with strong human interest or a fresh view of the commonplace.

Sports Action
A peak action picture that captures the competitive spirit, domestic or international

Sports Feature
Sports related feature picture other than game action, domestic or international.

Portrait / Personality
A picture of a person that reveals the essence of the subject's character, domestic or international.

A picture that exploits graphic, aesthetic qualities of the subject with an emphasis on composition.

Conceptual Photographic Illustration
A picture that blends the best of traditional darkroom skills, human imagination and computer technique. Category also includes food or fashion. A photograph may be used as source material for the conceptual illustration, or the concept may be completely artificially produced.

International Photo
A single picture captured in a country other than in North America.

Natural Disaster and the Environment
A single image that captures and communicates the devastation wrought by a natural disaster. Natural Disaster Single recognizes coverage of the human or physical impact of this year's earthquakes, floods, oil spills, hurricanes, and other destructive natural events. Or picture that captures the aesthetic and graphic qualities of nature and wildlife with an emphasis on dramatic composition. This aesthetic appreciation does not mean that the image can only capture pristine environments.

Multiple Picture Story Categories
A maximum of 12 images per story is allowed. Each complete picture story is considered one single entry. Entrants are encouraged to edit tightly. Images in picture stories will not be judged individually. To enter a photo from your picture story on its own, you must provide a separate entry. A story summary must be included in the caption field of the first photo in your story.

To enter a Picture Story, click the Create New Still Entry link on the Entry view page, choose a picture story category from the popup, choose an image and enter a caption, and click Submit. After you enter each image, you will have the chance to add additional images to the story. Upload the images one at a time, in the order you want them presented, until the story is complete.

News Picture Story
Any general or spot news subject portrayed in a multiple picture fashion. This category is for stories produced in North America only. Pictures should be edited to convey a single theme.

Feature Picture Story
Any feature-oriented subject portrayed in a multiple picture fashion. Pictures should be edited to convey a single theme. This category is for stories produced in North America only.

Sports Picture Story
Any domestic or imternational sports-oriented subject portrayed in a multiple picture fashion. Pictures should be edited to convey a single theme.

International Picture Story
A multiple picture package captured in a country other than North America. This category is for all international multiple picture entries: features, news, etc.

Sports Portfolio
A portfolio consisting of action and feature images showing at least three different sports. A sports Picture Story is no longer required but if included counts as a single entry. Maximum of 12 entries allowed.

Multimedia Entries
Entries must be entered as an active URL to your company’s website or a hosting site such as Vimeo. File uploads are not accepted. URL’s MUST remain active through March 21, 2014.

Daily Multimedia Individual
A single piece of work produced by a single journalist containing stills and/or video. Audio, text, graphics, etc. are allowed by not required. Entries in this category should have been shot in roughly a single shift. Maximum length three minutes.

Long-form Multimedia Individual
Work produced by a single journalist containing stills and/or video. Audio, text, graphics, etc. are allowed but not required. Entries in this category must be produced by a single journalist but may contain multiple stories or a longer form single piece.

Team Multimedia
Work produced by a staff or team containing stills/and or video. Audio, text, graphics etc. are allowed but not required. Entries in this category can be produced by multiple journalists and contain multiple stories or a longer form piece. Not all team members are required to be NPPA members.

Portfolio Entries
A portfolio may contain up to 20 entries totaling no more than 80 images. Individual multimedia categories may be included as part of the portfolio. Picture stories and multimedia entries count as a single entry. A portfolio MUST include entries from at least two of the picture story or individual multimedia categories. It must also include entries from at least four Singles categories, one of which MUST be a news picture. Singles within the portfolio should not be repeated in a picture story in the portfolio. Portfolios will NOT be broken down into individual categories for single picture judging.

Portfolios will be judged on their impact as a unit demonstrating diverse ability and photographic excellence.

To include your single images, picture stories or multimedia entries in yourportfolio check the "Include entry in portfolio" box on the image entry form.

Deadline has been extended till Thursday January 23rd at 11:59pm

For further information or to answer any questions, contact contest co-chairmen, Steve Falk or Andy Mendelson at




Charles Rex Arbogast has been a staff photographer with The Associated Press for over 24 years. He has covered a wide range of assignments from championship fights, numerous political and presidential campaigns, natural disasters, and the Miss America Pageant. He has photographed several NCAA tournaments, Major League Baseball (spring training and post season) and the impeachment of President Clinton. In 2002, he covered the war in Afghanistan and broke the story of an accidental bombing by the US military on an engagement party.  A graduate of The Ohio State University, he received a BFA in Photography & Cinema in 1985, and has twice been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Arbogast currently is based in Chicago.

Karen Kasmauski specializes in bringing a human face to the impact of science, health and environmental issues.  She has free-lanced for numerous publications, including National Geographic, where she was a contract photographer for over 20 years, producing 25 major stories. Her book, “Impact:  From the Front Lines of Global Health,” published by National Geographic was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.  She was selected as one of only six National Geographic’s “Photographers in Residence” because of her work on global health issues. Since early 2000 she has spoken on this topic to various venues, from health care companies to college students.

She spoke at the first TEDx Mid-Atlantic conference about the impact of photography in bringing forward issues of global health.  Her work has appeared in National Geographic, Smithsonian Magazine, New York Times, and Geo Magazine as well as on the web and annual reports of numerous nonprofits.

She has written columns for Rotary International and Nikon Magazine on Photography.

Projects include photographing and developing the book, “Nurse:  A World of Care” for Emory University Press which won Communication Arts Photography award and was nominated for the Pulitzer in the Community Service category.  She was awarded the first Getty “Grant for Good” for which she created a visual project using video and still images that examined the longevity of a regional grassroots environmental group, Save Our Cumberland Mountains. Most recently, her images appeared “Dreamers and Doers”, a book about group of women who trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for local Maasai children.

Karen created and teaches a pre-college program:  Photojournalism:  Media in Focus, for George Washington University Pre-college Program.  She has taught the Visual Narrative at the Maine Media Workshop and has led photo expeditions for both National Geographic and American Photographer.  She has a BGS in Anthropology and Religion from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Visual Communication from Ohio University.


Michael Wichita, Director of Photography, AARP Media Michael has been with AARP since 2005, and now manages the photo department for AARP's two publications and website. Michael previously worked as a photo editor and professional photographer, and his work has appeared in DC's Metro Weekly, as well as the Village Voice, the
Advocate and the New York Daily News. Wichita is a frequent speaker and portfolio reviewer at industry events. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design.