Student Quarterly

The NPPA's Student Quarterly Clip Contest is open to all current student members of the NPPA. It provides students an opportunity to submit both their still and and multimedia work and to compete against other student members.

The Student Quarterly Clip Conest is currently being redesigned and will open again later this month. Thank you for your patience.



  • The Student Quarterly Clip Contest is open to all NPPA student members in good standing.
  • Participants must be full-time undergraduate or graduate students. You may enter work done during internships.
  • Pictures need not be published.

Each student may enter a total of twelve (12) entries each quarter. Of those entries, up to two (2) may be multimedia entries. If more are entered, all clips for that quarter will be disqualified. Entries can be in any category or combination of categories.

Individual photos from the same layout may be entered separately in different categories, but each counts as a separate entry.

For still entries, each clip must be the work of a single photographer. If two or more combine to produce a single layout or multimedia package, each must submit only his or her work.

The Student Quarterly Clip Contest rules rely on the honesty of the participants. Any abuse of trust will not be tolerated and will result in suspension of NPPA membership for a period of time to be determined by the NPPA’s governance and judiciary committees. All entries must abide by the high ethical standard set forth in the NPPA Code of Ethics.

It is understood that any copyright of an entry remains the property of the photographer or employer of the photographer.

However, all participants agree that by entering the contest, entrants give permission to NPPA for its regional and national publications to reproduce winning entries, either through hard copy or electronically, including and not limited to, regional publications, News Photographer magazine, commercial online services and NPPA presences on the Internet. Reasonable precautions will be taken to ensure the security of electronic reproduction.

Planned and unplanned events

Action and features

Feature Single
A found situation

Controlled Portraits and Illustrations

Multiple Picture Story
Any subject, including sports

Video, audio slideshow, or project


Each student entering the student contest will receive 2 points for entering the contest each quarter. Winners will receive 50 points for a first place, 40 points for second place, and 30 points for third. There are no ties, and honorable mentions will not receive points.

The student accumulating the most points for the period beginning each August and ending the following July will be named NPPA Student Photographer of the Year.

For pictures taken in...

The deadline is...
August, September, OctoberNovember 7
November, December, JanuaryFebruary 7
February, March, AprilMay 7
May, June, JulyAugust 7

The contest is designed so that each quarter incorporates at least part of the traditional academic year.

Because multimedia and multiple-picture stories can take a while to produce, a given piece may span more than one three-month contest period.

Students can choose to submit multiple picture stories and multimedia completed or published during a particular three month contest period even if part or all of the reporting on these stories occured during a different three month contest period. However, students may not submit the same piece more than once.

Questions should be directed to the Student Clip Contest Chair listed below or to the NPPA office,

Stanton Paddock