• Attended the January 2011 board meeting in Durham, NC
  • Participated in July 2011 board meeting web/teleconference
  • Was one of the initial proponents of making changes to Find a Photographer that would improve the system’s functionality, make it more in line with our general business practices philosophy and also allow students to list themselves as students
  • Assisted the national office in directing changes to the current website’s navigation bar resulting in better functionality and more logical organization
  • As student chapters chair, web committee, and student committee, I participated in a conference call with our chosen vendor regarding the website redesign project, representing the interests of students and young professionals.
  • Significant progress has been made this year on our student chapters. We have tried to legitimize existing non-chartered chapters (especially Brooks and UNC). We have helped new chapters spring-up at schools around the country. And we have reached out to the traditional, big-name PJ schools that didn’t have chartered chapters (Western Kentucky and Mizzou). They are works in progress with promising outlooks. Mindy has also been exploring the possibility of our first international student chapter. Take a look at the most recent list of chapters here:
  • I concurrently serve on the Board of the Wisconsin News Photographers Association. In recent months, I have been working in close cooperation with NPPA general counsel Mickey Osterreicher in responding to two incidents of photojournalists arrested by the Milwaukee Police Department. Both organizations sent letters protesting the arrests and both organizations, arguably, played a role in bringing regional and national attention to the incidents resulting in a sit down between the police chief and Milwaukee-area media outlets. MPD says they are in the process of incorporating some of WNPA’s/NPPA’s recommendations into their media policies.

I have not received any funding or special consideration from NPPA other than reimbursements for expenses incurred in the attendance of Board meetings.

I intend to continue my involvement with NPPA as a volunteer in an elected leadership position.

Ultimately, I feel that I serve at the pleasure of the organization. Should my colleagues feel my representation is better used in another capacity other than elected Director and Student Chapters Chair, I would consider such a change.

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