In addition to participation in the NPPA board meetings in January and July, my activity was primarily centered around the efforts to find and engage a vendor for the web revitalization project.

As a member of the web committee, I played a central role in developing an RFP for the project and researching potential vendors who might be a good fit for the work. Before the July meeting, I submitted a list of more than a dozen agencies.

Developments at the July meeting changed the process somewhat, including a major change in the nature of my own participation. Board members may recall that my company, Journey Group, invested a day of exploration in 2010 related to the overall issues facing the website and the organization as a whole. After I submitted the list of vendors, Mindy shared with the web team that she would like to explore the possibility of inviting Journey Group into the process as well. She consulted with various advisors, who concluded that Journey could indeed submit a proposal, provided I was not involved with the selection decision. With the agreement of the board in July, we moved ahead. Of course, I was replaced on the web committee.

Over the weeks that followed, I worked with our team at Journey prepare a proposal for the web development and brand revitalization project — while protecting proprietary information from my service on the board. We submitted the proposal at the end of August. In November, Journey was indeed selected as the agency for the project.

On December 2nd, we conducted a full-day meeting with Mindy at Journey's offices (with other contributors phoning in). Since then, I have been actively working with the Journey team to develop a content audit and a background brand narrative, and to begin work on initial brand mark explorations. In addition, we are developing a project brief containing findings from the content audit, NPPA audience personas, and a detailed plan for developing the site in the months ahead. We will present these to NPPA leadership in conjunction with the board meeting, including, of course, a status report to the board.

As to participation in 2012, it should be noted that I serve as a presidential appointee; my participation depends entirely on the wishes of the president. Of course, in my role in the ongoing revitalization of the website, I expect extensive involvement, regardless of my board status.

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Londen

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