The Business Practices committee recently convened its first meeting, establishing a set of goals for the upcoming six months. These goals have two primary areas of focus: the Business Blitz and content related to the blog. As of January 1st, the committee is comprised of myself, Greg Smith, David Walter Banks, and Avi Gupta of U.S. News & World Report. We are currently seeking at least one more member, preferably one who brings an area of expertise to the table beyond that of working photographers. This could be an accountant, entrepreneur, marketing/sales person, etc. We feel that one additional piece of outside perspective would round out our makeup nicely. Our upcoming meeting has yet to be scheduled, but will focus on working out logistics related to what Mindy Hutchinson budgets for 2012.

Additionally, I spent several hours organizing with Mindy regarding blog content, possible funding, NPPA branding and story, and variables related to the Business Blitz. Once we have firm direction from the office regarding budget for the Blitz, we will continue organizing to that end. Our preliminary discussions on the topic have been geared towards addressing two issues: first, establishing an overall theme for the Blitz; and, second, establishing a core group of speakers to bring that theme to multiple locations. We believe that attendance could be improved if there was a clear theme and a set of experts who could address that theme in several locations rather than piecing together an ad hoc selection of speakers for each city. This would offer greater value to those who attend and it would also give the NPPA a clear and concise message to market to its members with.

Respectfully submitted,
Matt Slaby

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