Jan. 2012
Dr. Bob Carey

  • Member of the Executive Committee (EC)
  • Chair of the Web Committee
  • Chair of Recognitions and Honors
  • Member of the Advocacy Committee


Presided over the January 2011 annual Board Meeting as President, completing my term.

Participated in July 2011 board meeting web/teleconference as past President

Chair of the Web Committee – As chair of the Web Committee I have helped move the process of our website revitalization project move through the completion of a RFP, bid process and selection of a vendor for the project. The project is currently underway with expected completion of the public side in fall 2012.

Chair of Recognitions and Honors – As Immediate Past President I am responsible for overseeing nominations for recognitions and honors according to our Policies and Procedures. This year we had a high volume of nominations compared to the last several years. Due to not having a summer program, and funding, it was decided to do the presentations of the honors by video and host them on the Honors page of the NPPA website.

I have not received any funding or special consideration from NPPA other than reimbursements for expenses incurred in the attendance of Board meetings.

I intend to continue my involvement with NPPA as a volunteer. Ultimately, I feel that I serve at the pleasure of the President and organization. Should my colleagues feel my representation is better used in another capacity other than Chair of the Web Committee or as member of the Advocacy Committee, I would consider such a change.

Respectfully submitted,
Dr. Bob Carey
Immediate Past President

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