January 2012
Submitted by Denise McGill

As Secretary, I am a member of the Board of Directors, Governance Committee and Executive Committee.

The list of my activities, detailed below, is dry. In carrying out these duties, I have strived to increase transparency, to create a structure that makes it easy for members to access services and find places to volunteer. I’ve unofficially served as a point person for volunteers and elected leaders at all levels.

Because of my role in communications, I served as the de facto point of contact for volunteers and elected leaders. It’s been very rewarding to work with so many people. I’ve been able to recommend several people who now serve as volunteers. In particular, I’m proud that I recommended Ross Taylor for as Mentoring Chair. I also worked closely with Regional Leaders when their Representative had to step down.

My primary duty is to keep records for the organization. In 2011, I compiled documents for the two Board of Directors meetings, helped prepare the agenda, kept the minutes, and updated any documents afterward. I attended all meetings of the Executive Committee, and kept minutes there also.

I’ve had a major role contributing to the internal communications of NPPA. This includes announcements to the members and articles for nppa.org. I also moderate several lists and groups.

I oversee all elections.

The Regions Representative was elected in April. 2011 was the first time that Associate Chairs were allowed to vote, making 20 people eligible voters. The vote count was:

Jim Bye, Region 4 Chair7 votes (winner)
Ted Van Pelt, Region 3 Chair2 votes

For the Board of Directors election in November, I took nominations for three months. The vote count was

Todd Maisel104 (winner)
Mark Dolan91 (winner)
James Michalowski82
Scott Mc Kiernan73
Joe Cavaretta67
Merry Murray39
Cliff Jette36
Rebecca Ducker1
Mike Borland1
Phil Greer1
Larry Burns1

November brought elections for odd-numbered regions. The vote counts are

Region 1 Chair:
John Walker10 (winner)
Region 3 Chair:
Ted Van Pelt41 (winner)
Joseph Eddins Jr1
Region 3 Associate Chair:
Caroline Couig41 (winner)
Mary F. Calvert1
Region 5 Chair:
Phil Greer25 (winner)
Nick Adams1
Liz Martin1
Mike Borland1
Jon Reidy1
Region 7 Chair:
Merry Murray4 (winner)
Anthony DeWitt3
Region 7 Associate Chair:
Billy Dry7 (winner)
Region 9 Chair:
Shawn Montano7 (winner)
Region 9 Associate Chair:
Bruce Thorson7 (winner)

I took part in Governance Committee discussions over the year, and kept them abreast of election issues.

My greatest NPPA moment this year was not related to my elected office. I serve as advisor to the NPPA Student Chapter at the University of South Carolina, which was awarded “Chapter of the Year.”

I am also a member of the South Carolina professional chapter.

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