In 2011 I attended the Annual Board Meeting in January in Durham, NC. At that meeting I was nominated and then elected Vice President. Throughout the year I attended monthly conference call meetings of the Executive Committee, taking notes and distributing them to the rest of the Board as a part of my role as Liaison between the Executive Committee and the Board. I also served as sort of a liaison with the TV BOP Photography and Editing contests as budget constraints forced changes in the judging of the contest. The 2012 BOP will feature online entries for the first time. I've also been in touch with the TV Quarterly Contest Chairs and they are moving to an online entry system for 2012. I helped the Advocacy Committee in their efforts to communicate with the Iowa Legislature as they dealt with a “Ag Gag” bill that would have criminalized possession of some video or pictures of agricultural practices. In the end the bill wasn't considered in the Iowa Senate. In July I took part in the Board of Directors summer meeting. I helped in an effort to update the Find a Photographer section of to make it more TV and video friendly. A complaint on another website,, spurred this effort. By making those changes we got some positive social website traffic. I also recruited volunteers to advise on how to make the Business Practices section of a better resource for Video Freelancers. I'm not sure where that stands. In August I attended a meeting with Chief Judge Robert Pratt of Iowa's Southern District and several other news outlets concerning the Federal Digital Recording Program. Judge Pratt was very enthusiastic about the program, saying he would consider recording proceedings to be his default position. Also in August I contacted Matt Mrozinski, who is one of the founders of the Storytellers Group on Facebook, about the possibility of having another Northwest Video News Workshop. Since that conversation the Workshop was planned and will be held in late January with about 150 attendees. We have assisted with publicity and some money. There will be about 40 NPPA members there and many of the presenters are strong advocates for the NPPA. I've been much more active with social media in an effort to spread the NPPA word and to get feedback from both members and non-members. After 4 tweets in about 4 years I tweeted about 250 times in 2011. At some point after the Iowa Caucuses I'll be presenting KCCI-TV with the NPPA Station of the Year award and Cortney Kintzer with the John Durniak Mentor Award. Cortney convinced me to join the NPPA a long time ago so presenting Cortney with this award has a special meaning to me. I have received no funds from the NPPA. The NPPA did provide airfare, food and lodging for the annual meeting in January.

Respectfully submitted,
Mike Borland, Vice President

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