I propose we grant the student representative to the NPPA board the right to vote during the board meetings.

Students make up 12% of our membership. We value our student members enough to identify a student representative to the board, and bring that person to the annual board meeting - we should also give those student members the respect they deserve, and give that representative the right to vote!

This is what is said on the student section of the NPPA website when you click on the “Why Join” link • “…we invite you to join us in helping to shape the future of our profession,”

If we truly value our student membership, we should give their board representative the ability to vote on issues that affect our (their) organization.

I have discussed this with NPPA board member and Student Chapters Chair, Michael King, and with Student Committee Chair, Bettina Hansen, and they both endorse/support this resolution.

Side Note
I was actually the first student representative to the NPPA board! I felt then that it was wrong that the student representative was not given a vote – I felt marginalized (heck, I WAS marginalized) in terms of the impact I could have on the issues discussed by the board and the direction the NPPA would take.
Side Note 2
I would like to see this be one of the first items the board considers, so that the student representative can fully exercise their vote on all subsequent issues.
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