The Regional Representative shall to appoint a proxy associate that would be able to stand-in for the Regional Representative, and be able to step forward to take over the work of the Regional Rep should he be unable to fulfill his responsibilities.

The “proxy” associate shall be privy to all Regional Rep communications and information should it be necessary for him or her to step forward and therefore be bound by the rules of the National Board.

The proxy must be any Regional chair or associate chair elected to their position. In the event of resignation of the Regional Rep, the proxy associate would be able to take over the role of Regional Rep until such time that the Regional Chairs vote for a new representative.

We have found no reasonable cons with this motion, as it costs nothing, and keeps the regional representatives abreast of information that they require.

Coordination and consultation of this resolution have gone before the entire Regional Chair group. It has received a majority of support

As we have found, the Regional Rep may become disabled or encumbered by personal family or business reason that makes him unable to do his job. This in effect leaves the regional chairs out of the loop of communications and unrepresented in an unintentional way.

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