There should be an across-the-board consistent approach to issuing plaques for winners of contests.

There has been no plaque issued for the winner of the Best Use of Photography contest for the past two years. In the past we had issued plaques for the top three winners; three years ago, to save money, we issued a plaque only to the first place winner.

If the NPPA no longer issues plaques to winners of its contests, this discussion is moot. If, however, it does award plaques for other contests, then a plaque/plaques should be issued for BUP. (And since The Virginian-Pilot won the previous two years and will win again this year, a plaque this year should be issued with all three years inscribed or we should give them three.)

The cost should be minimal. If plaques are ordered for BOP winners, ordering 1-3 plaques for winners of BUP should be obtainable at the same low price (in the past it had been, I believe, $35 each). For at least the past 7 years there has been no cost to the NPPA for running BUP; the pages are hosted on Palm Beach Post servers, and all mailing costs for entries have been assumed by either The Post or contest judges.

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