This resolution aims to ensure that our organization is properly and consistently marketed and branded in communications and at its events. NPPA currently lacks established standards in these areas. Consistency in these areas does matter to the success of an organization, whether a for-profit firm or 501-type organizations. In an organization with many volunteers involved in it’s governance in many corners of the country, efforts should be made to keep them on the same page and appearing cohesive.


WHEREAS, the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) has a vital need to publicize and market its programming, events, content and chapters to its members and the general public; and

WHEREAS, there have been instances where NPPA programming, events, and content have failed to properly be identified, marketed, or promoted as NPPA’s, funded by NPPA, or originating from NPPA; and

WHEREAS, there currently lacks any standardized policies or procedures for how NPPA officers, directors, and committee/event chairs are to brand or market their events or communications;

Be it RESOLVED, a new section shall be added to NPPA’s Policies and Procedures named “Branding and Identity” and read:

Events and Programming

Promotional materials and content

All NPPA events, programming, content and chapters (student and professional) shall be promoted as NPPA’s. Any printed, electronic, or verbal promotions must incorporate references to the NPPA and, when possible, use the NPPA logo. The Executive Committee and/or Board of Directors may require changes to promotional materials that do not comply with this policy.

Any events, programming, content or groups not associated with NPPA may not be misrepresented as NPPA’s, funded by NPPA, or related to NPPA.

Conduct and presence

NPPA expects those leading and/or working at NPPA events or programming to conduct themselves as ambassadors of the organization. NPPA should have a felt presence as its events, and NPPA’s role(s) in making the event possible should be communicated to attendees.


Official letters or communiques of the NPPA should be produced on NPPA letterhead. NPPA-related e-mail correspondence between NPPA staff/officers/directors/chairs and members of the general public should contain a branded signature including the name of the sender, their position with NPPA, relevant contact information, and a link to NPPA’s website:

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