Hurricane Safety Help Sheet

Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th every year, here are few things you should consider before heading out on assignment to cover Hurricanes, Tropical Storms or any other severe weather event.

Drone Code of Ethics - 2017

The Drone Code of Ethics: Drone journalists should adhere to federal, state and local laws with safety concerns and the ethical decision-making embodied in the codes of ethics adopted by the National Press Photographers Association, the Society of Professional Journalists and the Radio and Television Digital News Association. Drone-journalism ethics should be even more stringent than other journalism ethics. It is one form of journalism legally regulated by government authorities that control airspace.

Court Dismisses Photographers' Breach of Contract Claims Against NFL and AP

Update 1/17/17: Photographers who had their claims against the NFL and AP dismissed last month filed a motion on January 9, 2017 asking the federal judge in the case to amend his judgment and grant an appeal on some of their claims, arguing that they are separable from those now scheduled for arbitration.