NPPA Founders Certificates were awarded in 1955.



This column deals with the aftermath of the revelation that the photos of President Obama announcing that Osama bin Laden had been killed were recreations.

This column appeared in the May 2011 issue of News Photographer Magazine.

By John Long

Icarus believed he was invincible and could fly anywhere he wanted with the wings he had made. But he died when he flew too close to the sun and his wings melted. He is usually depicted as the classic example of hubris.

Diana at 50

Old Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times.

By John Long

I’ve seen Elvis at 70 on the cover of the Weekly World News; I’ve seen James Dean as an old man too, usually while I am waiting in line at the drug store where they sell the tabloids; I’ve seen Alfred E. Newman as President Bush. Princess Diana at 50? No big deal.

But wait, this is Newsweek. When did they become the reincarnated Weekly World News or the National Inquirer or the new MAD magazine?

Potter Box Teaches Loyalty

This column attempts to help photojournalists work their way through the process of making a tough ethical decision. The information in this column is very practical for anyone wrestling with competing values.

This column appeared in the September 2011 issue of New Photographer Magazine.

 Readers depend on a free press to help make democracy work.

By John Long

What Keeps You Honest?

This ethics column ran in the News Photographer Magazine dedicated to the issues surrounding freelancing.

By John Long, Ethics Chairman, NPPA

We have become more and more a profession of freelancers.

Much of this issue of News Photographer is dedicated to the topic of freelance photojournalism so the question was posed – are there ethical issues primarily associated with freelancing? The answer is yes.

For freelancers, the basic question is, “What keeps you honest?”

Manipulated Photos End With Firing

This column ran in the March 2012 issue of News Photographer Magazine. It details the controversy that ended with the dismissal of Bryan Patrick from the Sacramento Bee for combining two photos in order to make one better photograph.

By Donald Winslow, Editor

Award-winning photojournalist dismissed after altered pictures discovered.

2010 Board Meeting

The NPPA Board of Directors will conduct their annual meeting January 16 - 17 in Durham, NC.


The following resolutions will be considered. They were approved on December 31 by Clyde Meuller, Resolutions Chair.

The Revolution Is Upon Us

The recent use of an HDR image by a newspaper set off a debate on the propriety of using the new techniques made possible by Photoshop. This led to an examination of the age-old concept of the “Decisive Moment” and its meaning in the era of computational photojournalism.

News Photographer Magazine ran this column in April 2012.

By John Long, Ethics Chairman, NPPA

Is this a new era, one where the “decisive moment” has changed?

2012 NPPA Elections

The winners of the November Board election were Mark Dolan and Todd Maisel. They took office on January 1, 2012, and will serve a three-year term.

Michael P. King was elected National Secretary at the 2012 Annual Board Meeting on January 22nd. His seat on the board has been filled by Jim Michalowski, based on the results of the 2011 Board election.

The next election will be held in April for the position of Regional Chairs' Representative.

Mission & Bylaws

As amended as amended by the NPPA Board of Directors on July 22, 2017


The name of the association is the National Press Photographers Association, Inc., also hereinafter referred to as NPPA. NPPA is incorporated in the State of New York with office locations at the Grady School of Journalism at the University of Georgia in Athens, and in Durham, North Carolina.