NPPA Past President report

Jan. 2012
Dr. Bob Carey

  • Member of the Executive Committee (EC)
  • Chair of the Web Committee
  • Chair of Recognitions and Honors
  • Member of the Advocacy Committee


Presided over the January 2011 annual Board Meeting as President, completing my term.

Participated in July 2011 board meeting web/teleconference as past President

Regional reports for 2011

Most of the regions are struggling. Many of the websites are rarely updated or non-existent. Activities are rare and poorly attended. Frustration is high among most of the leadership and likely the membership as well.

There are obviously many issues affecting this; dwindling staffs (and NPPA membership), overworked employees, low morale and the fear of the future are among them. The industry and lives of our members is changing and uncertain. Unfortunately, it seems NPPA has slipped below the radar for most of these folks, especially at the regional level.

NPPA Web Committee report

Bob Carey (chair), Tom Kennedy, Chuck Gathard, Mindy Hutchinson, Jim Straight

The NPPA web committee has been active this past year refining our RFP (see appendix) for vendors interested in bidding for the NPPA website revitalization. With the RFP, we delineated the two different areas of the website – public (partially funded by ACA funds) and member specific (funded by the NPPA). Along with the request, we asked the bidders to also propose branding possibilities to enhance our presence as an organization vital to visual journalism.

Northern Short Course 2012 January Report

  1. Board members include:

    • Michelle McLoughlin, Chair; Bill Auth, Logistics Chair
    • Natalie Nigito, Registrar
    • Will Yurman, Multimedia Chair
    • Mark Dye, Publicity
    • Tom Costello, AV production
    • Bob Davis and Sean Filburn TV representatives
    • John Walker, portfolio critiques
    • Steve Falk, and Caroline Couig contest co-chairs
    • John Long, board member emeritus

    The regional officers of regions 1, 2 and 3 also serve on the NSC Board. They include

Ethics Committee Report

The Ethics Committee has had a busy year. With the addition of Steve Raymer and Peter Southwick we now have an actual committee. Both Steve and Peter bring years of experience as exceptional photographers and as two of the best professors of photojournalism in the country today. The Ethics Committee is now a conversation instead of a monologue.

Education Committee Report

The Education Committee saw a change of leadership this year with Mark E. Johnson taking over the chair’s position. Johnson is the Senior Lecturer of Photojournalism at the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. Mike Borland, Scott McKiernan and Mindy Hutchinson continue to serve on the committee.

NPPA Business Practices Committee Annual Report

The Business Practices committee recently convened its first meeting, establishing a set of goals for the upcoming six months. These goals have two primary areas of focus: the Business Blitz and content related to the blog. As of January 1st, the committee is comprised of myself, Greg Smith, David Walter Banks, and Avi Gupta of U.S. News & World Report. We are currently seeking at least one more member, preferably one who brings an area of expertise to the table beyond that of working photographers. This could be an accountant, entrepreneur, marketing/sales person, etc.


To say it has been a busy year for the Advocacy Committee would be an understatement. NPPA has been involved in numerous access issues around the country on what seems like a daily basis. We have been able to travel and meet with many organizations and participate in a number of programs – raising NPPA’s visibility through personal contact, interviews, published articles and news stories where NPPA has been quoted or referenced.

Advanced StoryTelling Workshop

Advanced StoryTelling Workshop

The Advanced StoryTelling Workshop celebrated its 14th anniversary at our new home at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. In addition to the workshop, our faculty interacted with over 500 students in nine different classrooms.

This year we continue to evolve from a team based workshop (reporter/photographer) to a solo- journalist based workshop. In the coming years the workshop will need to continue to adjust and evolve to accommodate the changes in the news industry.