Board Member Report from Greg Smith

Board Member Report from Greg Smith


  • Advocacy Committee board liaison, particularly
    • copyright issues
    • business issues
    • cooperation with other organizations
  • Business Practices Committee: Former chairman, current board liason; we have had an initial meeting of a reconfigured committee, still seeking key goals.
  • Listed as member of Programs Committee, although no meetings or other contact.


Orphan Works a

Board Member Report from Ron Londen

In addition to participation in the NPPA board meetings in January and July, my activity was primarily centered around the efforts to find and engage a vendor for the web revitalization project.

As a member of the web committee, I played a central role in developing an RFP for the project and researching potential vendors who might be a good fit for the work. Before the July meeting, I submitted a list of more than a dozen agencies.

Board Member Report from Michael P. King


  • Attended the January 2011 board meeting in Durham, NC
  • Participated in July 2011 board meeting web/teleconference
  • Was one of the initial proponents of making changes to Find a Photographer that would improve the system’s functionality, make it more in line with our general business practices philosophy and also allow students to list themselves as students
  • Assisted the national office in directing changes to the current website’s navigation bar resulting in better functionality and more logical organization
  • As student chapters chair, w

Board Member Report from J. Bruce Baumann

January 2011 I attended my first NPPA Board meeting in Durham. After being an NPPA member from 1964 (with a brief time off in 1975) this was certainly eye-opening.

I was asked to recruit a director for Region Four. Jim Bye, from Western Kentucky University, accepted the challenge and later agreed to be the Regional Rep. All at my urging.

I also encouraged Region Five director Phil Greer to take up the torch and lead his region. He's been active in pushing the SIU photojournalism students with their student chapter.

2012 NPPA Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

2012 NPPA Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

January 21 and 22, 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Convene at 9 a.m.

  1. call to order

  2. Roll call – Secretary Denise McGill – Roll call of Board of Directors and certification of the presence of a quorumBoard Introductions