R - E – S - P - E - C - T

By John Long

In journalism we need to respect the documentary photograph the way we respect the written word.

This column appeared in News Photographer Magazine in September 2006.

A Web Extra: What's In Your Fire Kit?

By Sedda Kreabs

Photographers with little or no experience covering wildfires might not know what to have in a Fire Kit that's ready to go at a moment's notice. Pete Demetriou, a 26-year news veteran and wildfire reporter in Los Angeles, CA, offers his personally customized list of what to have packed for your photo team.

The Greater Good?

By John Long

When photojournalists are faced with competing “goods” how do you make the decision which “good” is the more important one? Is it more important to run a manipulated photo or not run the photo at all? What is your value system?

This column ran in News Photographer Magazine in October 2007.

Think Fast

By Paul Martin Lester

Should a photojournalist help police in civil disturbances and non-life threatening crime events? This is an especially important column for small town photographers.

This column appeared in News Photographer Magazine in November 2007. See also companion columns from September 2011 entitled “Potter Box” and February 2010 entitled “Shoot First.”

Convergence & Ethics

By John Long

This was an initial examination of the ethical problems faced by still photographers who were now being asked shoot video. It is a little dated but does lay out the issues concisely.

This appeared in News Photographer Magazine in January 2008.

What Do I Do Now?

By Steve Raymer

It’s the age-old question many photojournalists have faced at one time or another: “What do I do now — keep shooting and document a piece of history, or maybe help save a life that’s hanging in the balance?”

This appeared in News Photographer Magazine in February 2008.

HDR Photography, Evolution, & Ethics

By John Long

High Dynamic Range photography is one of the new, controversial techniques available to photojournalists today. This column examines the evolution of thought on this process.

This appeared in News Photographer Magazine in April 2008.

Let's Play Phuzzle!

By John Long

Phuzzle is one of the many brain-teasers based on comparing photographs, one of which has been modified in five or ten ways. Is it appropriate to use documentary photos in these games?

This appeared in News Photographer Magazine in July 2008.

Know Thyself

By John Long

An examination of the word “truth” and how it means different things to different people. “Accuracy” is a better word to describe what photojournalists aspire to.

This appeared in News Photographer magazine in January 2009.

Ethics, Frames, Terrorism

By Steve Raymer

Photojournalism is more than striking images. True photojournalism demands understanding in depth the story we are telling and being as fair as we can as we tell the story.

This story appeared in News Photographer magazine in February 2009.