Danish Debate Leads to Disqualification

The use of HDR technology and other Photoshop techniques leads to disqualification in a Danish photojournalism contest. What are the limits to processing images? What is accurate and what is extreme?

Mentors, Now More Than Ever

All photographers need to learn from those who go before us how to live as decent human beings and have respect for those we photograph.

This appeared in News Photographer Magazine in June 2009

We learn from others how to do the right thing.

By Steve Raymer


A discussion of the differences between a point of view, advocacy journalism and propaganda. This appeared in News Photographer Magazine in July 2009.

An Ounce of Prevention

Editors need to be more vigilant in vetting photographs. The most useful tool in an editor’s bag is a healthy skepticism. They also need respect for the work that photographers produce.

This appeared in News Photographer magazine in August 2009.

By John Long

Multimedia Ethics

This article appeared in News Photographer magazine in September 2009. It is the definitive study of ethics in the emerging world of multimedia photojournalism.

By Donald R. Winslow

The Nature of Photography

The photographic process is simple. This is an examination of ethics of photojournalism based on the simple chemical reactions of photography.This column appeared in News Photographer Magazine in January 2010.


The original simplicity of photography has been lost.

By John Long

There is no Eleventh Commandment that says “Thou Shalt Not Manipulate Photographs,” so where does our belief that this is part of what constitutes an honest photograph come from?

Here is a suggestion:

Shoot First, Then Help

One of the most basic dilemmas that photojournalists ever face is the conflict between making photographs and putting the camera down to help people in need. This is one person’s opinion.

This column appeared in News Photographer Magazine in February 2010.

Do I put the camera down, or do I remain an observer?

By John Long

Haiti's Disaster

Compassion for your subjects is a necessity for photojournalists.

This article appeared in News Photographer Magazine in March of 2010.

 For those who have been devoted to covering the impoverished nation for many years, Haiti is a long-term commitment – not a student workshop opportunity.

By Steve Raymer

When Words Collide

This is a column on the importance of words and pictures working together. Both need to be treated with equal respect.

This column appeared in News Photographer Magazine in March, 2010.

 Captions Should Be Based on Fact, Not Fiction

By Paul Martin Lester


This Time, Editors are the Problem

Some editors do not have the same respect for the photograph as they have for the written word and have been the problem behind a series of ethical mistakes.

This column appeared in the July 2010 issue of News Photographer Magazine.

Their fake photos show little respect for our work.

By John Long