For Professionals

  • We promote the highest standards in visual journalism, and the credibility of our profession is the responsibility of every member of NPPA. Accuracy in our work, and integrity in our relationships with the public we serve, are essential qualities for all professional visual journalists. Members sign and adhere to the NPPA Code of Ethics, demonstrating to employers that they are committed to the utmost integrity. Because ethical issues can sometimes be complex, we encourage you to further explore these resources, and discuss them with your colleagues.
  • The NPPA vigorously promotes freedom of the press in all its forms. We work tirelessly advocating to protect the First Amendment, as well as visual journalists' rights to earn a living from their work. Professional members turn to the Advocacy committee for support and advice when problems arise.
  • To succeed in the independent marketplace, you need more than just talent. Strong business skills are essential. Our Business Practices Resources, including our Cost of Doing Business Calculator, offer a set of standards for conducting business transactions for both visual journalists and those who hire them.
  • Our Job Bank may be accessed only by current members, but we do allow non-members to post industry-related employment opportunities. Jobs can be filtered by interest or skill set; job postings are easily edited by registered users; and internships are now fully-integrated into the job search, rather than just appearing on the Student Internship Guide.
  • The Find a Visual Journalist service matches freelance professionals with individuals and companies looking for photographic talent. To be listed, you must be a member, but the talent bank may be viewed by the public. Prospective employers can search for visual journalists by camera format, photographic specialties, and location. More parameters will be added as the service grows
  • Current members may use the Mentoring Program database to locate and establish a mentoring relationship for enhancement and education by a veteran member of the NPPA. Profiles help you choose the person(s) you feel can offer the best one-on-one instruction and tutelage for you. Mentors are carefully screened, and are excited to pass along lessons learned and perpetuate the highest standards in visual journalism.
  • Embracing our mission, we have established a series of educational events available to all those interested in promoting the art of storytelling with pictures. Internationally-recognized professionals donate their time and expertise to teach this craft, and to make these educational experiences meaningful for all involved. Members may access some of our workshops online.
  • Connect and interact with our active international network of industry leaders through discussion boards, listserves, and social media, by accessing our Member Directory.