The audience listens to a panel discussion during the Women in Visual Journalism Conference in Denver in September. Photo by Mike Grady

If a conference can be measured by the number of people who say the words “empowered and inspired,” then this one is doing something right.

An attendee makes a picture as Cheryl Preheim, anchor and MMJ at WIXA in Atlanta, kicks off the conference with her talk, “You Want Me to do What? (lessons from an unexpected career path).” Photo by Noel Brennan
Katie Eastman, left, listens to Sheila O’Connor during one of the sessions that provides time for feedback and mentoring. Photo by Noel Brennan
From left, Zora Stephenson, Ama Arthur-Asmah, Noelle Walker, Anne Herbst, and Cheryl Preheim break down some of their favorite stories they have reported on over the years during a panel discussion. Photo by Mike Grady
Conference organizer and KUSA’s director of visual journalism, Anne Herbst, displays her affection for her home state by wearing Colorado socks. Photo by Noel Brennan