November 8, 2007: U.S. Sen. Barack Obama talks to a voter at a gas station in Albia, Iowa, during a stop in the early days of his presidential campaign. Photographer Callie Shell met Barack Obama at a rally for Sen. John Kerry in Chicago on April 4, 2004. She liked him instantly. "He was personable, with a genuine smile. Eventually, he made his way over to me, and said, 'What do you do?' We started talking about our kids, his youngest being the same age as my son, Hunter. We joked that we were both tall and had big ears, and that we had both married up in life; that we had great spouses. I thought at the time that I could see myself being friends with him." Shell's husband, Vince Musi, also has a new book. On dogs. That book review is also in this issue.

A bond of trust leads to images of connection, that nods to photojournalism history