Meaghan Looram was named the director of photography at The New York Times in August.

This is not Meaghan Looram's first opening act

Discussion in the afternoon page one meeting is devoted to the layout of the front page. Suzanne Daley, Meaghan Looram, Nakyung Han and Alison Mitchell consider a projected photograph by Demetrius Freeman of a polling location on New York’s primary election day in Brooklyn. This image was the choice for the above-the-fold dominant image in the next day’s paper on Sept. 14.
Picture editors, left to right, Kerri MacDonald, Heather Casey, Morrigan McCarthy, Meaghan Looram and Nakyung Han go through daily photo coverage and plans for the following day. All photo editors on their respective desks participate.
Discussion in the daily afternoon page one meeting is devoted to the story lineup and layout of the front page. Pictured: Suzanne Daley, Steve Kenny, Renee Murawski, Brian Fidelman, Meaghan Looram, Tom Bodkin, Matt Purdy, Tom Jolly and Alison Mitchell.