Akili Ramsess, NPPA's Executive Director, with Nathalie Dortonne, University of Florida student, participating in the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) Student Multimedia Project at the Annual NABJ Convention in Minneapolis, MN, Aug 9, 2015. Ramsess was the photo director for the NABJ Student Multimedia Project. Photo by Kimberly P. Mitchell/Detroit Free Press

The formal mentorship program provided by NPPA has been relaunched after several years of inactivity.

The NPPA executive committee has restarted the program hoping to provide useful, relatable and practical help to its many members.

The mentorship form , linked below, has been created to match mentors to mentees based on geography and need. If a student is based in Chicago and they’re interested in sports photography, our goal is to match them to someone with a similar interest or specialty, and ideally someone who’s local to encourage meet ups and in-person conversations.

The program is volunteer-based and the plan is to strengthen the bonds between local photojournalists and between the NPPA and its members.

Our mentor program chair Martin Smith-Rodden who will run the program and assign mentor-mentee relationships. You can read more about Smith-Rodden's experience with and passion for mentoring here.

Offering education and mentorship to our membership is the main goal of this program but it can only work with member support. Please click the link below and participate! With your support we can create a new resource for you, our members, and the wealth of knowledge and experience you have.


Mentorship Form