The Fine Print: A Webinar Series On Legal Issues For Photographers

NPPA is providing links to helpful online education resources, starting with class videos from the 30th Northern Short Course, held in March 2011.

NPPA members also have access to archived webinars and class videos from NPPA's Multimedia Immersion, Convergence, the NPPA/PhotoShelter Virtual Short Course Series, and selected classic instructional videos from NPPA workshops.

More material will be added periodically; please check back for more tools and techniques.

MEMBERS ONLY: Best of Photojournalism 2012 Winners DVDs

For those NPPA members who want to be able to watch the BOP TV winners from the comfort of their couch, or on a large screen with their students or coworkers, NPPA is providing downloadable DVD images of the 1st- and 2nd-place BOP winners.

The Fine Print: a Webinar Series on Legal Issues for Photographers

The NPPA is presenting a series of Webinars on legal issues, narrated by NPPA Attorney Alicia Wagner Calzada, intended to help photographers in their business and in their profession.

A set of five videos from the 30th Northern Short Course (held in March 2011) are available for NPPA members and non-members alike.

  1. Dave LaBelle: the importance of coaching in the teaching process (1h 54m)
  2. Panel: straight talk on hiring by editors (1h 47m)
  3. Tom Sperduto: on location studio lighting (1h 28m)
  4. Jamie Rose: from Camera to Client using Photo Mechanic in the Field (2 videos totalling 2h 3m)
  5. Lucy Nicholson (1h 20m)

Most of the online education material here is provided as a service for current NPPA members.

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