NPPF Offers Five $5,000 Career Expansion Scholarships


DURHAM, NC – Five $5,000 Career Expansion Scholarships will be awarded to qualified candidates selected by the National Press Photographers Foundation and NPPA in 2012.

The NPPF-NPPA Career Expansion Scholarships have been established for those who have previously worked as a professional still photographer for at least three years, and who have returned to school to expand their skills in order to change their career path.

The deadline to apply for an NPPF-NPPA Career Expansion Scholarship is November 16, 2012. Information about qualifying for the scholarships, and all the necessary application forms and instructions, are now available on theFoundation's Web site.

Funding for these scholarships comes from the Author's Coalition of America's distribution of reprographic royalties that have been collected overseas for the use of various electronic/mechanical devices to copy copyrighted works. These fees are collected when works are copied abroad in schools, institutions, organizations, and corporations. Guidelines for the use of these funds state that they must be used for the direct benefit of professional still photographers who have had their work published and distributed overseas, and would consider it reasonable for that work to have been reproduced overseas.

The $5,000 NPPF-NPPA Career Expansion Scholarships are in addition to the Foundation's usual annual line-up of $2,000 scholarships: the Bob East, Reid Blackburn, Bob Baxter, Kit C. King, and Jimi Lott Scholarships, and the $1,000 G. Gordon Yoder TV News Workshop Grant.

In other developments at the Foundation, NPPF president Mike Smith has resigned. Smith joined the board many years ago and after serving as secretary, he was elected president. In accordance with Foundation by-laws, when the president resigns the vice president becomes president. Vice president Tom Hardin became president, and at a recent board meeting Hardin asked for an election and the board elected him to the post. They also elected Mary Lou Foy as vice president, and Michel duCille was elected secretary to replace Foy.

Hardin reports that several new members were invited to join the board, and they accepted. Bill Sanders, Steve Sweitzer, Bill Luster, and Cathaleen Curtiss have joined the panel, and Frank Folwell continues as treasurer. Jim Brown is the scholarship chairman.

In addition to the Kalish Workshop, the Foundation is now also overseeing a new seminar, theNext Generation Video Storytelling Workshop.It has been organized by Jane Helmke, KARE-TV's news director. It will be held September 14-16 at the Science Museum of Minnesota and is sponsored by KARE-TV, KUSA-TV, Gannett, and the Foundation.

Hardin also reports that Brown and Folwell have been working on an NPPF Web site redesign, and that it is "in the beginning stages."

More information about Foundation scholarships and programs can be seen on the Foundation's Web site