Regional Election Results

The results of the Regional elections for odd numbered regions are in and T.C. Baker, NPPA national secretary and EC member, has verified the vote. For the first time in NPPA history the election was held online with only two members requesting paper ballots. The polling closed at 9pm Eastern time Sunday, November 30. Newly elected regional officers will assume their duties January 1, 2004, and their new contact information will be posted online in the Regional officer's directory at that time. Here are the winners and vote totals:

Region 1DirectorSean Elliot101
Michelle McLoughlin2
Bob Thayer1
John Walker1
Associate DirectorMichelle McLoughlin43
Keith Nordstrom33
Jamison Bazinet16
Todd Ziemek16
John Walker1
Region 3DirectorLinda Epstein148
Robert Michaud19
Associate DirectorJim Caiella97
Barry Reeger69
Matt Rainey1
Region 5DirectorRon Stover61
Lloyd Young43
Devin Miller3
Mark Hertzberg1
Greg Shaver1
Associate DirectorGreg Shaver59
Vince Munyon49
Region 7DirectorPatricia Holloway43
Jeff Stead19
Teak Phillips1
Charlie Riedel1
Associate DirectorJeff Roberts47
Ben Krain17
Region 9DirectorRay Meints58
Todd Hougaard6
Associate DirectorEric Blumer37
Scot Kingsley25
Laura Inns1
Doug Van Reeth1
Region 11DirectorTony Overman53
Chris Pietsch15
Associate DirectorKurt Austin37
Russ Kendall32
Chapters' Board RepresentativeDennis Tennant2