Run-Off Election Necessary

NPPA National Secretary T.C. Baker reports today that ballots to fill the vacant position of NPPA Past President have been counted and results verified. The vote totals created the need for a special run-off election that will be held immediately.

NPPA bylaws call for the winner to be a "majority vote of the Board of Directors." Roberts Rules defines a majority vote as "more than half." None of the candidates had enough votes to satisfy the definition of a "majority" of the twenty votes cast. Of the 22 Board members eligible to vote, 20 voted and 2 abstained.

The votes were Manny Sotelo, 8; John Cornell, 7; David Handschuh, 5.

"To fill the position fairly with a majority vote and to follow the bylaws, there will now be a run-off election between candidates Manny Sotelo and John Cornell," T.C. Baker informed the Board.

Only Board members are eligible to vote. A new ballot will be sent to Board members Tuesday morning, December 16. Board members have until 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on Friday, December 19, to cast their run-off ballot. The National Secretary will certify the vote at that time.

If you have questions please contact your Regional Director or Associate Director.