John Cornell Wins Run-Off Election

NPPA National Secretary T.C. Baker announced today (December 22, 2003) that John Cornell has won the special run-off election to fill the vacant position of NPPA Past President on the Executive Committee. "The votes have been counted and verified," Baker said, "and the results are John Cornell, 13; Manny Sotelo, 7." Baker said one ballot was cast after the voting deadline and that one board member did not vote. "Both candidates have been notified and are aware of the results," Baker said in an eMail to the Board.

The run-off election became necessary when the first balloting ended with 8 votes for Sotelo, 7 votes for Cornell, and 5 votes for David Handschuh. NPPA Bylaws call for the winner to be a "majority vote of the Board of Directors," and Roberts Rules defines majority vote as "more than half." The vacancy on the EC was created by the resignation of NPPA Immediate Past President Michael D. Sherer.