New Online Photographic Business Survey

A new online Photographic Business Survey is being conducted by Greg Voight, a faculty member at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA, who is also a masters degree student at Antioch University working on a MA in organizational management. As part of his thesis he's conducting a national educational photographic business survey. The results, which he will share with the NPPA, will help us to better serve NPPA members.

"The goal is to collect data that will help student photographers become better at the business side of professional photography," Voight said. "This survey is being eMailed to as many APA, ASMP, PP of A, and WPPI members as possible, and I hope NPPA members, too." Voight said the survey is also being sent ot the alumni lists of several American universities with photographic programs.

Voight will share the data when the survey is complete and he says the survey takes less than ten minutes to take online. Voight can be contacted at [email protected] for more information.