Ed Reinke Scholarship Fund Launched At IU


BLOOMINGTON, IN (DECEMBER 15, 2011) – A photojournalism scholarship in the memory of the late Associated Press photographer Ed Reinke has been created at Indiana University, his long-time friend and former college classmate Brian Horton has announced.

Reinke, 60, died in October in hospice care after suffering injuries in an October 2, 2011, incident at the Kentucky Speedway in Sparta, KY that left him in a coma. He is survived by his wife, Tori, and their grown sons, Wilson and Graham.

"A month ago, many of us gathered in Cincinnati, and more joined us via the Web, to honor Ed," Horton said. "It was a wonderful tribute to our friend. The impact he had on so many of us will never be forgotten. Now, we have a chance to be part of an enduring tribute to him. A photojournalism scholarship in his name at Indiana University in Bloomington, Ed's alma mater, has been created. The scholarship will fund a grant to an Indiana Daily Student photographer each year. That's especially fitting because Ed got his start as a photographer there more than 40 years ago."

Horton, along with Reinke's friends Dale Eisman and Merv Hendricks, are spreading the word about the new scholarship to help raise money to seed the fund.
"If we can raise $10,000 in the next five years, the fund will be self-sustaining and will guarantee at least one scholarship or grant each school year in Ed's honor," Horton said.

"We know that many of you make your charitable donations this time of the year. That's when you know how the year has gone for you and you are thinking of your upcoming taxes. We wanted to get the Reinke fund on your radar in this season of giving."

Any donations made through the Indiana University Foundation, the fund-raising arm of the university, are fully tax deductible.

"If your company has a matching grant program, please make sure to make those arrangements, too, to help us reach our goal. The ink isn't dry yet on the paperwork for the fund but you can make a donation now and get the tax deduction this year. The Foundation will make sure it gets credited to the Reinke fund when all of the legalese is completed," Horton said.
"Help us honor Ed and keep his legacy alive."
Donations to the fund by check should be made out to the Indiana University Foundation. On the memo line, make note that it is for the Edward Reinke Photojournalism Scholarship. "It probably wouldn't hurt to include a note to that effect with the check, too," Horton said.

Send the donations to the Indiana University Foundation, PO Box 6460, Indianapolis, IN, 46206-6460.

"Let's all give a little extra this year to kick off the fund in a big way! Remember, the sooner we hit the $10,000 mark, the sooner the fund will be self-sustaining. This will insure that Ed's legacy will always be there for future generations of photographers."