Best Use Of Photography: 3rd Quarter 2007 Results

For News, Feature, Picture Pages, Sports, Multi-Page

2007 3rd Quarter BUP Results

News, Feature, and Picture Page entries were judged by Associated Press director of photography Santiago Lyon and Associated Press national photo editor V.W. Vaughan.

Sports and Multiple-Page entries were judged at Ball State University by journalism graphics sequence head Jennifer George-Palinonis, photojournalism sequence head Thomas A. Price and instructor Ryan J. Sparrow. Journalism 332 visual editing class students Derick Brattain, Mark Hunt, Valerie Janowski, Robert Leistra, Jessica Maglinger, Christa Music, Lisa Rusche, Alan Sternberg, Irem Tunc and Abigail Westcott participated in the discussions.


1st: The Dallas Morning News, July 1, 2007
"The Tahoe inferno”
Brad Loper and Cindy Smith with wire photos.
Judges’ comments: This page inched its way into first place because of the great photos that were used well. What set this entry apart was the skillful photo editor who had the vision to run with a great idea. That idea was not only to use the good pictures well, but to also use color to make the story more comprehensive and engaging. One small critique: We have to very careful when using pictures of helicopters whose blades are not turning when the craft is in mid air. But all in all, the page was very well done!

2nd: The Palm Beach Post, September 9, 2007
"DIABETES The Invisible Epidemic”
J. Gwendolyne Berry, Sabrina Starrett, Mark Edelson, Rick Christie, Jan Tuckwood and Courtney Semple.
Judges’ comments: The photographer and editor took visual risks in telling this story. The effectiveness of the photos and how they were used made the page informative and engaging. There was no clear lead photo on this page, just good simple detail oriented storytelling photos used as vignettes that collectively were greater than the individual parts.

3rd: The Los Angeles Times, August 31, 2007
"For Nubians, ‘the lesson of Darfur’”
Steve Stroud, Kelli Sullivan and Carolyn Cole.
Judges’ comments: This package, like many others that received honorable mention, simply stood above the other entries. This package distinguished itself from the HM’s due to the variety in the photographs. Most notably, the eye catching lead photograph is worth studying. The photographer’s appropriate use of a slower shutter speed to capture the movement, and the composition of the hand seemingly controlling the action of the kids in the picture gave the photograph visual depth. This picture and the others were used to maximize information, giving this page the decisive edge over the pages awarded honorable mentions.


Honorable mentions:

The Denver Post, September 18, 2007
"America’s complex pot compromise”
Ken Lyons, RJ Sangosti and Matt Swaney.

The San Jose Mercury News, July 31, 2007
"Coach. Leader. Legend.”
Tom Van Dyke, Geri Migielicz and Michael Tribble.

The Los Angeles Times, October 1, 2007
"Wells drying up at huge Darfur camp”
Steve Stroud, Mary Cooney, Kelli Sullivan and Carolyn Cole.

The Los Angeles Times, August 17, 2007
"Fear, chaos in quake’s aftermath”
Alan Hagman and Steve Stroud with photos by The Associated Press and Getty Images.



1st: Los Angeles Times, July 8, 2007
"Starry-eyed saddle sore in the Sierra”
Richard Derk and Spencer Weiner.
Judges’ comments: This took first place for its, how can I put this gently, simple “wowness.” The lead photo has a Norman Rockwell-like overture and incorporates varying textures to make this an outstanding photograph. It is displayed for maximum impact. In a contest where the category is best use you not only look at the entries individually you also vet them collectively. This one just stood out and ahead of the other compelling pages. Good photography, used well is always a winning combination.

2nd: The Dallas Morning News, August 5, 2007
"Good, clean fun”
Brad Loper, Alma Lozoya and Tom Fox.
Judges’ comments: The headline actually sums up why it won second place. Good photos, captured with a clean storytelling composition and fun moments make a very exciting and memorable page. Each photo tells its own piece of a story and the usage makes you feel and reflect on the information.

3rd: Los Angeles Times, September 18, 2007
"All that remains”
Mary Vignoles, Michael Whitley and Genaro Molina.
Judges’ comments: The editor recognized a good picture and used it extremely well. This usage helps to drive the readers and pull them into the story, connecting them with not only a person but also the situation. We always say in photo editing to “make me care” … well, this photo had stopping power that made you look twice and care.

Honorable mentions:

The Palm Beach Post, August 2, 2007
"The Women of SHOUT”
Uma Sanghvi and Mark Edelson.

The Palm Beach Post, September 9, 2007
"The Human Toll”
J. Gwendolynne Berry, Mark Edelson, Jenna Lehtola and Rick Christie.

The Los Angeles Times, July 8, 2007
"From camp to curtain”
Cindy Hiveley and Francine Orr.

The Palm Beach Post, September 6, 2007
"When shaken babies grow up”
Bruce R. Bennett, Liu Xin, Mark Edelson and Jenna Lehtola.

The Oregonian, September 1, 2007
"An evangelist’s ‘Pure Desire’”
Mike Davis and Michael Rubenstein.



Judges’ overall assessment: This category, as with others we judged, displayed a wide range of excellence in story telling and editing

1st: The Dallas Morning News, August 26, 2007
"Always Open, always helping"
Brad Loper and Liz Wishaw with photos by Damir Sagolj (Reuters).
Judges’ comments: The story had great visual impact and showed some smart editing. Most notably was how the pictures were used to help the reader focus on complex photos while striking balance with the use of simpler but poignant photographs. The photographer, who had no credit on the doubletruck page, used a variety of photo techniques to add energy to the story. He shot wide, tight, different angles, varied perspectives and rear-curtain sync to make sure this package had more than moments, that it also had movement. The lead photo was properly used to accentuate the idiosyncrasies of the photo. This really helped to see the writing on the worn flag and the wandering eyes of the child, seemingly alone, in the emergency room.

2nd: The Palm Beach Post/La Palma, July 13, 2007
"Locura, desenfreno "
Mark Edelson, with photos by the Associated Press and Getty Images.
Judges’ comments: This was perfection in simplicity. One extremely dramatic photo used with other images in a simple and effective design. The usage and placement of the photos gave the photos a sense of interdependence.

3rd: The Dallas Morning News, September 23, 2007
Brad Loper and Cindy Smith with photos by John Moore (Getty Images).
Judges’ comments: This story was the perennial hard-to-tell story. This is due to the limitations of photographing inmates at a correctional facility where you can’t show faces, and to complicate the situation more it was on a U.S. Army run Camp Cropper in Bagdad. In Best Use categories, size and placement do matter. This entry also showed the influence of the photographer and the leadership of the photo editor(s) to get the space needed to give the reader a glimpse into a situation not often documented as well as with this group of photographs.

Honorable mentions:

San Jose Mercury News, August 4, 2007
"Six Days"

The Oregonian, September 30, 2007
"Pinot noir an accidental arrival"
Torsten Kjellstrand, Ross Hamilton, Mike Zacchino, Patty Reksten and Claudia Howell.

The Dallas Morning News, September 16, 2007
"A somber anniversary"
Brad Loper and Cindy Smith with wire photos.



Judges’ overall assessment: One of the striking things about this category was the skill and imagination used in tying headline wording into the story and the main picture. It seems that the sports folks might tie together words and pictures better than some of the other sections. These folks should be proud of the interplay that they have created between the words and pictures.

1st: The Palm Beach Post/La Palma, July 20, 2007
“El Poder y la Gloria"
Mark Edelson with photos by The Associated Press and Getty Images
Judges’ comments: Great pictures, cropped well and placed beautifully on a deceptively simple page. The theme of the page is carried through from the beginning power shot to the glorious exultation.

2nd: St. Petersburg Times, September 10, 2007
"Welcome aboard, Jeff"
Stefanie Boyar, Brendan Fitterer and James Borchuck.
Judges’ comments: The editors did a fine job of finding pictures to tell a significant portion of the game story without much text. A new (to the team) quarterback besieged and beleaguered all afternoon by the defense.

3rd: Los Angeles Times, August 8, 2007
"One Giant Step”
George Wilhelm, Paul Gonzalez and Eric Risberg.
Judges’ comments: A very nice “historical moment” picture from the Associated Press’ Eric Risberg recalls the Marvin Newman picture of Bill Mazeroski’s homerun that won the 1960 World Series. Everything is present in the picture: the ball, the place, the time of day, the count, the score and a big scoreboard picture of Bonds. Several newspapers used this same picture, but the Times played it most effectively. It wasn’t the biggest, but it was integrated best for the story and the rest of the page. The judges were also complimentary of the proper use of cutouts of Bonds, Aaron and Ruth in the fact boxes at the bottom center of the page.


Honorable mentions:

St. Petersburg Times, September 30, 2007
"Aw, burned again"
Stefanie Boyar, Brian Cassella and Willie J. Allen Jr.
Judges’ comments: Beautiful punning headline that works best if you read it aloud. Nice display of the triumphant players running across to the top of the page.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, August 21, 2007
"Out of the woods"
Sid Hastings, Josh Renaud and Nuccio DiNuzzo (Chicago Tribune).
Judges’ comments: Rarely do square photos have the impact of their more natural cousins – vertical and horizontal. Combine the layout with a superb image and a punchy headline and this page really sings.

San Jose Mercury News, August 8, 2007
"In a swing, the new homerun king"
Nhat V. Meyer, Elly Oxman and Kevin Wendt.
Judges’ comments: The section should be respected for the courage to break from the norm and run an overhead sequence of the key moment.

Judges’ comments: These honorable mentions were selected because they told the story and integrated the headline with the pictures and the story-telling aspects of both:

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 10, 2007
“Hawks hammer ‘em”
Rob Sumner, Dan DeLong and Alan Kraft.

Houston Chronicle, September 30, 2007
“Shaken, rattled and rolled”


1st: The Albuquerque Tribune, August 3, 2007
“Active City, USA”
Craig Fritz, Wendi Wilkerson and Mark Holm.
Judge’s comments: A flawless piece from top to bottom. Rarely do you see a section where every image is sized perfectly, contributes a wealth of information and entertains the reader. Another image added to this group would have surely toppled us from this visual pinnacle.

2nd: The Palm Beach Post, August 16, 2007
“A Final Salute”
Greg Lovett, Mark Edelson, Mike Perkins, and Rick Robb with photos by J. Gwendolynne Berry, Allen Eyestone, Damon Higgins, Mike Stocker and Lou Toman.
Judge’s comments: The lone deadline news story in a field of longer-term projects, this package evokes the pageantry and pathos of a military funeral, but maintains a sense of intimacy. The editors were careful to use what they considered the best pictures: There is a solid mix of wire photos with those from their staff.

3rd: The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 7, 2007
“Seahawks Preview”
John Dickson, Andy Rogers and Todd Dybass.
Judge’s comments: This section illustrates how the convergence of excellent photography, inspired design, creative studio shots and the perfect amount of white space makes for a multi-layered piece that is both informative and a hell of a lot of fun.


Honorable Mentions:

The Los Angeles Times, September 18, 2007
“All that remains”
Mary Vignoles, Genaro Molina and Michael Whitley.
Judge’s comments: This was one of several packages that was concerned with the second anniversary of Katrina. It was the only one that explored an aspect that we had not seen before. The telling, intimate pictures were used as well as they could have been. One of the judges had this one in first place. At first some were put off by the extreme size of the main inside picture, but upon examination the main picture is full of texture and informative content that might have been lost at a lesser size.

The Palm Beach Post/La Palma, July - September, 2007
“A Traves del Lente”
Mark Edelson with Em Mendez, Fernanda Beccaglia, Ana Valdes and staff and wire photos.
Judge’s comments: Wow. This entry overwhelmed the judges not just with its scope, but also with how each page perfectly captured such a multitude of different themes and perspectives.

The Oregonian / Ultimate Northwest, Sept/Oct, 2007
“City of Roses, City of Bridges”
Ross Hamilton, Jamie Francis, Brent Wojahn, Mike Zacchino and Patty Reksten.
Judge’s comments: A simple and beautiful piece that made me not only care about bridges but left me wanting more.

The Palm Beach Post, July - September, 2007
“EveryDay Art
Mark Edelson, Bruce R. Bennett, Erik Lunsford, Libby Volgyes, Lannis Waters and USGS
Judge’s comments: This looks like it was a fun project. Many staffers were able to contribute over the entire three months of this period. The pictures were carefully selected and displayed well on all pages.

The Palm Beach Post, September 9, 2007
Judge’s comments: This is a comprehensive package on the perils of a silent killer. The pictures are well chosen and carefully placed on each of the pages. There is a good variety of pictures, from portraits and telling details to strong documentary. But a drawback was a perceived lack of intimacy in the pictures.


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