Region 3 & Region 7 NPPA Candidates

DURHAM, NC – These are the candidates for Director and Associate Director in Region 3 and Region 7’s online election, which takes place during the entire month of December. The candidates have provided their own statements and biographies (below) for voter consideration.

Balloting for Regional elections takes place through the member’s only area of the NPPA Web site. Voting for Region 3 & Region 7 officers may be done at any time starting December 1 and going through the end of the month. Results will be announced early in January, says NPPA national secretary Sean D. Elliot.

Eligible voters who want to request a paper ballot may do so by calling the NPPA national office at +1.919.383.7246, extension 14.

In this round of voting, NPPA members from Regions 3 and 7 will vote online to elect a director (who serves on the NPPA’s board of directors) and an associate director (who acts as regional membership officer and as a stand-in for a board member who is unable to attend the annual June meeting).

Elliot said Regional elections for Regions 1, 5, 9, and 11 will be held in January 2008, because those Regions have failed to provide a slate of candidates for each office.

Here are the Region 3 and Region 7 candidates:



Candidates for Region 3 Director

Vote online during the month of December.

Thomas P. Costello

First let me thank all of the members of NPPA Region 3 for their support over the past two years, but I would like to especially thank Linda Epstein as she ends her term as Associate Director. She has served as a valuable partner in the leadership of the Region and someone who is always just an IM away to answer a member's question.
For those of you who do not know me, I am the chief photographer / video at the Asbury Park Press in New Jersey, where I have worked for nearly 20 years. Within the NPPA, I have previously served as national secretary and Regional Associate Director. I am also the production chairman of the Northern Short course and the local co- chair of this year's Flying Short Course stop in McLean, VA.
Within the Region over the past two years, educational opportunities were provided to members with the 2006 Flying Short Course stop in Philadelphia and earlier in the year with the Northern Short Course in Cherry Hill, NJ. As well as helping with the production of these events, I was also a speaker at the FSC sharing my experiences in the transition from still images to online video.
Also, thanks to Temple University student Colin Lenton, the Regional Web site - - has been reborn in a blog format allowing information to be updated quickly.
I have been happy to serve the members of the NPPA in this time of change for both the organization's leadership and its members. At this past board meeting, we officially welcomed the new executive director Jim Straight. It has been a pleasure to work with him and his "hands-on" approach is just what we need in Durham. For the members, many of you have been faced with the prospect of learning new multi-media skills and I am happy to say that the NPPA recognized this early and has been a leader in providing educational for these skills.  

I'd like to continue to serve the members of Region 3 as your Director, and welcome your input as to how NPPA can serve you better.
- Thomas P. Costello, chief photographer/video, Asbury Park Press


Sarah Evans

I am fascinated by the business of photography and the future of the industry. After getting a masters degree at the University of Missouri-Columbia, I freelanced in Minneapolis and Boston for about 10 years. Early on, I was very lucky to have  experienced a wide-range of opportunities including commercial assisting, location scouting and teaching Photoshop. Exposure to advertising studios helped me hone my business skills. I moved to Boston to shoot more national and general news stories.

About three years ago, I noticed I was overmanaging myself. Quarterly fiscal reports, pie charts, future projection timelines, contract negotiations. I began to critique photo assignments. After a bit of soul-searching, I discovered that I like the front-end planning of a story. My favorite clients were those I could coordinate and brainstorm with early in process. So I switched to editing and I'm thrilled.

My favorite part of being an editor is working with photographers. My least favorite part is the lack of socialability - not being out on assignment with colleagues. Those are the two reasons I'm most excited about representing Region 3 - a chance to interact with members and promote the talent to the rest of the NPPA.

I'm a long-time NPPA member. While in Boston, I spent time as editor of the Regional magazine. I look forward to being involved again here in Region 3.

- Sarah Evans, director of photography, Educaiton Week



Candidates for Region 3 Associate Director

Vote online during the month of December.

Caroline E. Couig

I started my photography career here in Region 3 at a small New Jersey newspaper and I am excited to run for Associate Director in the region of my early years in the business.
Presently I'm working at Discovery Communications as picture editor for and The Science Channel Web site. Prior to that, I was a picture editor at the San Jose Mercury News for six years responsible for 1A and projects. My journey also includes stops as a staff photographer at The Palm Beach Post and a picture editor at the Detroit Free Press.
I believe in giving back to our professional organization. For six years I served as NPPA's National Women's Committee Chair overseeing the annual Women in Photojournalism Conference. Twice I worked as co-chair, personally organizing the event, including last year in St. Louis. During my tenure, the Conference made tens of thousands of dollars for NPPA and attendance increased each year. After returning to my native East Coast last year, I was honored to be asked to join the Northern Short Course staff.
Linda Epstein leaves behind a legacy of dedication and service to NPPA in general and Region 3 specifically. I plan to build on that legacy including increasing membership, continue providing timely notification of clip results and increasing Region 3's presence in the NSC. Experience gained working on Discovery's various Web sites will help me strengthen our regional Web site.

NPPA is built on it's members and volunteers. As your Associate Director, I will want to hear what is important to you, the members. Whether it's better integration of picture editors into educational programs or working toward standardizing contest entry protocol. I will work hard to serve your interests. But first I need your vote.
Thank you for your time.

- Caroline E. Couig, picture editor,


Christian Fuchs

Christian Fuchs is deputy director of photography at The Washington Times, where he has worked since October of 2004. At The Times, Christian is the lead multimedia editor, and is chief online editor for both stories and photos each morning. Christian was a journalist in the U.S. Navy, where he worked in both television and radio broadcasting, and then at Pacific Stars & Stripes in Tokyo. After leaving the Navy, Christian worked as a photojournalist at newspapers in Florida and Texas; he then received his M.A. in Visual Communications from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University.
"It is clear that as newsrooms target the Internet, visual journalists need to be properly trained and equipped to tell the stories of the communities they cover. To this end, photojournalists should be encouraged to speak up and try to make their voices heard above the din of accountants. Similarly, visual journalists must be ready to adapt to new challenges, and learn to tell stories with new tools."

- Christian Fuchs, deputy director of photography, The Washington Times




Candidates for Region 7 Director

Vote online during the month of December.

Merry Murray

My name is Merry Murray and I’m running for Region 7 Director.

I have been a television photojournalist for over 15 years and an NPPA member for 16 years.

Over the years I have worked in Wichita, KS; Lexington, KY; Grand Rapids, MI; and Nashville, TN, before moving back to my home state of Kansas.

I spent three years working in my hometown of Great Bend, KS, and recently moved back to work in Wichita again, which was a good move, since I am now living with my husband.

When I first joined NPPA in college, I wasn’t really sure what it was all about. But over the years I’ve taken advantage of the wonderful programs like the TV NewsVideo Workshop, the TV Airborne Seminar, and Flying Short Courses and the National Convention education days, not to mention the numerous friendships that have been developed over the years.

I have been able to give back by being a contest chair for the TV Quarterly Contest in three different regions for 11 years and as the National Judging Coordinator for the past three years. My favorite “job” though is being the chair for the Television Best of Photojournalism contest for the past three years. Being able to watch the best of the best photographers in the world is priceless!

Even though I have spent my career as a television photojournalist, my first love is still photography and I’m excited to help all NPPA members, especially in this time of an ever changing industry.

I want to continue giving back to the NPPA for all it has done for my career. That’s why I am running for Region 7 Director.

- Merry Murray, KSNW-TV, Wichita, KS


Karen E. Segrave

Fellow Region 7 members: It's been a wonderful two years! Serving as your Director and Associate Director since 2005, I have learned so many things, but there is still much more to learn and do for our Region. As your Associate Director, I helped bring the Flying Short Course to Little Rock and as Director, I co-hosted a very successful Region 7 Photo Night this past August at Missouri State University. If elected as your Director again, I plan to host at least two Region 7 Photo Nights each year, one in the spring and another in late summer 2008. For the next Region 7 Photo Nights, I want to incorporate the television aspect of our professional as well as multimedia.

I have done my best to represent Region 7 over the past two years. I hope I can count on your support in electing me your Director for the next two years to continute the mission of NPPA. Thank you.

- Karen E. Segrave, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette



Candidates for Region 7 Associate Director

Vote online during the month of December.

Darren Brown

My name is Darren Brown and I've been in television for twenty years – first as a camera operator, then tape operator, but found my passion in television photography. I've been shooting professionally since 1995, first at KAUZ-TV in Wichita Falls, TX, here at KWTV-TV, at KOKH-TV in Oklahoma City, KOB-TV in Albuquerque, NM, and finally back here at good old KWTV-TV. I went to my 20th year high school reunion a couple of years ago, and ran into a LOT of people who said, "Well it pays the bills, but I really hate my job!" I could never say that (especially the part about the bills). Ha Ha! But seriously, I love being a photographer. We get to meet so many different characters and tell so many great stories, good and bad. I've recently been promoted to a photographer/reporter position in our NewMedia department, and I'm pretty excited about that because I've been doing a lot of writing and reporting over the last couple of years anyway. The job of a photographer is changing; there's no getting around that, we may as well embrace it. I'm not saying that we should all "sell out" to the VJ concept, but I think that's where NPPA can make a difference.

– Darren Brown, KWTV-TV, Oklahoma City, OK  


Jimmy Taylor

I have been in the broadcasting industry for over 14 years, spending the last seven years at KOKH-TV in Oklahoma City as the assistant chief photographer. I have been back in the NPPA for two years. I think I am in the best part of the country for television and still photography.

I think the reason I decided to run was the saying, “What you get out of the NPPA, is what you put into it.”

After watching Region 7 over the last year I decided to put my efforts into the Region that I am so proud to be part of, and why not? With photographers at markets in St.Louis, Kansas City, Wichita, Little Rock, Ft. Smith, Tulsa, and of course my home market of Oklahoma City, we have some of the best in the business in video and still. Also may I add that we do have the world famous Darrell Barton - somewhere around here.

I would like to see this Region reach new heights. This once was the Region to be a part of, but over time things change. We don’t have programs and a Web site like the others do. I would like to change that. And I think with the right leadership we could fly high again.

That is why I decided to run. So I can work with the Director to help make this a better Region that serves us all. The start of the Region night this year was the first step to that goal. But I want to do more!

My list of ideas for the Region would a POY for Region 7, for both still and TV. I think great work should be rewarded and recognized by all of us. Someone brought to my attention today of the newsletter this region had. Maybe one day we could get back to having one.

With two great people running for Director, and hopefully if I get the chance to work with them after the election, we will make this a Region that every member will be proud of and draw more back to the NPPA that left, or have not experienced it yet.

I thank you for time and consideration to be the next Associate Director of Region 7.

- Jimmy Taylor, KOKH-TV, Oklahoma City, OK


Contact national secretary Sean Elliot with any questions at [email protected].