ABC News Airs Photojournalist Sean Smith's Exclusive Video, Photos


 ABC News has aired exclusive photographs and video by British photojournalist Sean Smith of the Guardian newspaper called "A Violent, 'Normal' Day in Baghdad," and some of his images and the film are available online.

Smith was embedded with the U.S. Army's Second Infantry Division in Baghdad when members of Apache Company encountered an IED that destroyed one of their Bradley fighting vehicles and six troops and a translator burned to death inside. Smith also went along with them as they searched for insurgents, examined a bomb making factory in a private home, and shot a taxi driver who was suspiciously circling the block.

Exhausted and frustrated soldiers told Smith about how they've been in nearly constant contact with danger since they arrived in Iraq 14 months ago, about how their tours of duty have been extended, and they speak candidly about how they only get four to six hour breaks after days like the days Smith documented before they're back in harm's way while still unsettled from their previous encounters.

The ABC News story, a gallery of Smith's still photographs, and his video are online here.

Smith is a veteran and award-winning conflict photographer, having covered the war in Iraq and last year's clash in Lebanon. He's been documenting Iraq's war since the build-up in early 2003. Galleries of his Guardian images are online here, and a film he shot- "Iraq: The Real Story," produced by Teresa Smith - is online here.