NPPA Student Clip Contest 1st Quarter Results

The NPPA student clip contest, which was not held last year, has found a new home and a new life.

NPPA student members can now send their best clips to Dr. Jack Zibluk, coordinator of Arkansas State University's photojournalism program. Zibluk and his photojournalism students began compiling and sorting the first quarter entrants this January. The student clip contest follows the school year, so the first quarter clips were due in December for the quarter that began in August. The photo staff of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette judged them. The second quarter clips are due March 7. "I was particularly impressed with the breadth of entries," Zibluk said. "They didn't just come from the elite programs." Zibluk said the wide array of entrants shows a great deal of strength, interest and diversity in photojournalism education, something he hopes to encourage in the contest.

"Just because you're not in one of the nationally recognized schools doesn't mean you can't be the best student photojournalist in the country," Zibluk said. He noted that the top winner in the first quarter, Haraz Ghanbari, a senior from Kent State, is soon to graduate from a smaller photojournalism program. Other strong entrants came from Towson State and the University of Alaska at Anchorage.

While students are encouraged to send in clips of published pictures, Zibluk noted that unpublished works are acceptable for this contest. "We want your best works, and we want the best students anywhere to get noticed. That's the whole point here," Zibluk said.

Student NPPA members can be judged in four categories: news, features, sports and photo essay or photo stories.

Zibluk encourages students to contact him with any questions about the contest, journalism careers or other issues. "I have been in touch with many of our entrants already. This is a great way to do some networking, discuss the job market, technical issues and other information," Zibluk said. For further information, contact Zibluk at [email protected]

Send clips to:

NPPA Student clip contest
Arkansas State University
Department of Journalism and Printing
PO Box 1930
State University, AR 72467.

Here are the standings for the first quarter:

  1. Haraz Ghanbari -- Kent State
  2. Haraz Ghanbari -- Kent State
  3. Haraz Ghanbari -- Kent State
  1. Jon Woods -- Western Kentucky
  2. Adam Amato -- University of Oregon
  3. Haraz Ghanbari -- Kent State
  1. Haraz Ghanbari -- Kent State
  2. Lis Johnson -- Towson University
  3. Michael Sperling -- RIT
Photo Essay
  1. Ashley Smuts -- Brooks Institute
  2. Michael Sperling -- RIT
  3. Rachel Clow -- RIT