Best Use Of Photography 2006 4th Quarter Results

For News, Feature, Picture Pages, Sports, Multi-Page

2006 4th Quarter BUP Results

Feature and Multiple-page entries were judged at Redux Pictures by Marcel Saba and Karen Chin.

News, Sports, and Picture Page entries were were judged by Paul Myers and his picture editing class at the Brooks Institute of Photography: Jean-Louis Blackburn, Michael Chansley, Jacob Cunningham, Lucas Deming, Tristan Dyer, Jennifer Emerling, Jacob Foko, Wilfredo Garcia, Zack Gemmell, Alexander Manning, Paul Naret, Joseph Norman, Emily Ream, Esau Rosales, Perry Smyre, Kyle Sparks, Sharon Vine, Justin Wagner, Brandon Watts, Damon Williams, and David Yamamoto.

General comments from the Brooks judges: The field is full of a wide variety of strong layouts as demonstrated by the submitted work. The strongest packages made a story out of the pictures that equaled more than the sum of its parts. Meaningful content not only included the most emotionally gripping news stories of our times, but the smaller and less known miracles and tragedies of the communities represented by these fine visual storytellers. Teamwork prevailed as photographer, editor and writer converged with a purpose to make the news. Thank you for sharing your communities with us and we hope for your continued success.


1st: The Dallas Morning News, December 10, 2006
“Protests over new school debate”
Brad Loper, Cindy Smith and Alex Wong (Getty Images).
Judges’ comments: This layout surges, much like the momentum that rises during a protest. The editor used similar images at the top and the bottom of the page to enhance a piercing sensation of the space created by the protest as the silence is broken (popped).


2nd: The San Jose Mercury News, November 8, 2006
“Hurry up and wait”
Judges’ comments: A precious moment in youth; the conviction of age; the simplicity of a composition created for this one day. The photographer makes this very simple act into a grand affair that is the very fabric of the right to vote. This is arranged and presented in a compelling fashion by the editor. The elements fit together.

3rd: The Palm Beach Post / La Palma, December 15, 2006
“Conozca a la bestia”
Judges’ comments: This layout is impressive because it leads us through a series of beautiful storytelling photographs that are all placed into perspective of the dangers the people face to change their lives. We cannot deny the pain in these lives nor our naiveté with which we first approached the photos once we see the entire page.

Honorable mentions:

The Dallas Morning News, November 12, 2006
“Enemy rooted in stealth”
Brad Loper, Alma Lozoya and Joao Silva (NY Times).
Judges’ comments: A moment’s story is told.

The Oregonian, October 29, 2006
“Returned to Guatemala”
Stephanie Yao, Mike Davis and Dana Hoyle.
Judges’ comments: The scene is set and we are transported to the events.

The Dallas Morning News, December 24, 2006
“Arlington group helps New Orleans Church”
Michael Hamtil, Liz Wishaw and Brad Loper.
Judges’ comments: The story encourages the viewer to ask more questions.

The San Francisco Chronicle, December 30, 2006
“Hundreds mourn SF officer”
Judges’ comments: Simple story handled with a solemn patience.

The Palm Beach Post, November 26, 2006
“Train jumping”
Judges’ comments: The photo works this big. Thank you.


1st: The Dallas Morning News, December 24, 2006
“Out to restore hope”
Brad Loper, Cindy Smith and Melanie Burford.
Judges’ comments: The layout is clean and gets the point across. The light in the lead photo evokes a sense of hope through its strong composition.

2nd: The Dallas Morning News, October 1, 2006
“A unique perspective
Brad Loper, Cindy Smith and Chuck Kennedy (MCT)
Judges’ comments: Title sums up story perfectly and the photographs of confidence-building activities for the sight-disabled are inspiring.

3rd: The Palm Beach Post / La Palma, December 15, 2006
“Vias de deseperacion”
Judges’ comments: Great choice to use color for photograph with such a thrilling point of view. Strong lead photo that belies a dangerous journey.

Honorable mentions:

The Hartford Courant, October 26, 2006
“An Heirloom Harvest”
Mark Mirko, Elizabeth Bristow and
Judges’ comments: Sumptuous photo and well-executed page layout.

The San Francisco Chronicle Magazine, October 22, 2006
“Dog Heaven”
Judges’ comments: Would have liked focus of the two-page spread to not get stuck in the binding.

The Dallas Morning News, November 26, 2006
“Urban Grazers”
Brad Loper, Cindy Smith and Guy Reynolds.
Judges’ comments: Fun use of unique photo formats.

The Palm Beach Post, October 15, 2006
“Nine nights
Mark Edelson and Uma Sanghvi.
Judges’ comments: Grandmother and grandchild photo was strongest image of the page.

The San Francisco Chronicle Magazine, October 29, 2006
“Swimming from San Francisco”
Judges’ comments: Love the thorough use of the horizontal to emphasize the long journey (ie: the title and photo spread across both pages).


1st: The Palm Beach Post / La Palma, October 20, 2006
“Arte y fortaleza”
Mark Edelson and Em Mendez with photos by The Associated Press and Getty Images.
Judges’ comments: Impressive editing and layout enhances the viewer’s feeling of “being there.” These photographs, their ordering and sizing, give the viewer a privileged view of the event. The pictures, together, perform beyond the ability of any single image because of their seamless arrangement that is anything but casual. This is a very simple set of circumstances and is the daily task of the photo editor executed in an exemplary fashion.

2nd: The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, December 22, 2006
“Seattle impressions”
Eustacio Humphrey, Rob Sumner, John Dickson, Mike Kane, Jim Woolace and Chris Beringer.
Judges’ comments: This mosaic of images challenges the viewer to sense the vibrant colors and twisted views of Seattle. These images comment on urban culture, an inescapable cityscape that informs our daily routines; that when ordered, reminds us to dare to notice.

3rd: The Los Angeles Times, November 27, 2006
“Orphans of Aids”
Mary Cooney, Carolyn Cole and Michael Whitley.
Judges’ comments: The weight of this layout lies in the decision to dedicate so much space to this issue. Huge photos, and rightly so. The faces are undeniable, we look closer to see how each one of these children survive. Without straining our eyes, our hearts open wide.

Honorable mentions:

The Los Angeles Times, December 21, 2006
“Aids ravages rural India”
Mary Cooney, Francine Orr and Michael Whitley.
Judges’ comments: A gripping lead image; nice space given to the set of images.

The Palm Beach Post, November 20, 2006
“Wait is over”
Greg Lovett, with Kelly Winter and Mark Edelson and photos by Damon Higgins, Brian Lehmann and David Graham (A.P.)
Judges’ comments: This layout makes auto racing look exciting.

The Palm Beach Post, November 26, 2006
“Raul’s return”
Judges’ comments: Powerful content that is justly portrayed.

The Los Angeles Times, November 27, 2006
“Orphans of Aids”
Mary Cooney, Carolyn Cole and Michael Whitley.
Judges’ comments: Strong message conveyed as the same feeling is produced with each photograph in this layout.

The San Jose Mercury News, December 23, 2006
“Six days Dec 17-22”
Judges’ comments: A beautiful ordering of the chaos.



1st: The Palm Beach Post / La Palma, November 3, 2006
“El la cima del mundo”
Damon Higgins, Mark Edelson and Em Mendez.
Judges’ comments: A very simple layout that enables the viewer to enter into the drama of the sport and join the victory celebration. Leading with the feature moment, closing with the peak action, the audience is encouraged by these brave editors to chant along with the rest of the arena. Again, a privileged view of the world transports the viewers. The editors chose strong photos using just those needed to tell the story, those photographs needed to make us want to see more in the future.

2nd: South Florida Sun-Sentinel, December 20, 2006
“Fall all-county 2006”
Amy Beth Bennett, Andrew Innerarity and Jon Boho.
Judges’ comments: The visual variety, both in spatial composition and color composition are handled in an exquisite fashion in this layout. This layout and the visual direction leads us throughout the layout to explore the various photographs.

3rd: The Palm Beach Post / La Palma, December 8, 2006
“Maraton de los Palm Beaches”
Mark Edelson, Em Mendez, Richard Graulich, Brian Lehmann, Alyssa Schukar and Lannis Waters.
Judges’ comments: One of the few layouts in the entire competition that sets the scene for the viewer. The editor’s decision to lead the viewer from general to specific, closing the page with a series of emotional fireworks from the day makes for a great story.

Honorable mentions:

The San Jose Mercury News, December 25, 2006
“Hopes smoked”
Judges’ comments: The tension in the pictures accentuates the tension created by the layout making for a very active layout.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel, October 31, 2006
“Legacy year”
Amy Beth Bennett, Joe Amon and Jon Boho.
Judges’ comments: A simple design, a headshot and a line.

The San Francisco Chronicle, November 13, 2006
“49ers’ hit parade”
Judges’ comments: Nice use of sequence and sideline shots to tell the story of the defense.

The Palm Beach Post / La Palma, October 13, 2006
“Amor al equipo”
Mark Edelson and Em Mendez with staff and wire photos.
Judges’ comments: Every image on the page screams, the story of the fanatic is told across the lines of the sports.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, December 13, 2006
“She rocks, too”
John Dickson, Rob Sumner, Andy Rogers and Todd Dybas.
Judges’ comments: Simple use of text complimenting the secondary photo serves to accentuate the calm portrayed in the lead photo.


1st: The Palm Beach Post, November 26, 2006
“Riding for their lives: train jumpers”
Judges’ comments: The adrenaline rush and sheer danger of the train-jumpers' journey is undeniable through the compelling photos. Accompanying text and page layout are well-executed.

2nd: South Florida Sun-Sentinel, November 26 – December 17, 2006
“Aids Orphans”
Mike Stocker, Joe Amon, Mary Vignoles, Tim Rasmussen and Rebekah Monson.
Judges’ comments: Strong photos that are complemented by informative text and captions. Personal stories from the orphans, and pages devoted to each one add a heartbreaking edge to this series.

3rd: The San Jose Mercury News, December 13-17, 2006
“Frank’s fight
Judges’ comments: Wounded soldier's story is heart-wrenching, but one gets a sense of hope towards the close; the road from Iraq to home is well-documented in this series of photographs.

Honorable Mentions:

The Sacramento Bee, October 22 - 25, 2006
“The Weight”
Tim Reese, Sue Morrow and Manny Crisostomo.
Judges’ comments: The extended and emotionally-honest coverage on the problem of obesity in young adults is a much-needed change from the drastic overnight makeovers in other publications.

The Los Angeles Times, November 27, 2006
“Orphans of Aids”
Mary Cooney, Carolyn Cole and Michael Whitley.
Judges’ comments: The stunning scale and beautiful color photographs were keys to this entry's success. The drama in the moment the photographs were captured is undeniable.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, December 13, 2006
“High school all-stars who really rock”
John Dickson, Rob Sumner, Andy Rogers, Alan Kraft and Jim Woolace.
Judges’ comments: Band-camp and jocks can mix as long as it's in the name of rock and roll. Fantastic non-traditional concept for the young athletes.

The Dallas Morning News, December 17, 2006
“A river of tears”
Lara Solt, Anja Schlein and Cindy Smith.
Judges’ comments: The use of water as a unifying theme throughout the story's photographs reinforces the complex emotions.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal, October 1, 2006
“Survivor: a portrait of strength”
Jim Michalowski, Sam Cranston, Jim Tilller and Kelly Anne Markowitz.
Judges’ comments: Beautifully composed photographs, would have liked to see new photo perspective on survivor story.


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