NPPA Best Of Photojournalism 2004 Still Photo And Web Judging Underway; Winners Announced Daily

Judging in the National Press Photographers Association's Best Of Photojournalism 2004 Contest in the still photography and Web categories is underway at The Poynter Institute for Media Studies at St. Petersburg, FL, and continues through March 26.

"More than 30,500 photographs were entered in this year's Best Of Photojournalism contest, up from more than 26,000 last year, and that's a new record," said NPPA Executive Director Greg Garneau at the end of the second day of judging. This is the third year for the NPPA Best Of Photojournalism contest and for the judging to be held at Poynter.

Clyde Mueller, director of photography at The Santa Fe New Mexican who is also the NPPA liaison to Poynter, said today "We are delighted to be able to judge our contest here under the auspices of The Poynter Institute. Their sponsorship of the contest has been critical to its success."

For the first time in BOP history, still photography winners will be announced daily as judges finish up with each day's categories. Previously all winners were announced at the end of the contest. Judging for Magazine Photographer of the Year is scheduled for Thursday afternoon and evening, and judging for the Newspaper Photographer of the Year is scheduled for Friday morning.

"There are lots of high quality images and the judging is (therefore) much more difficult," said Harry Walker, the NPPA BOP Contest Committee chairperson who is also the director of the Knight Ridder/Tribune Photo Service. "I am very pleased with the number of entries in this year's contest."

Before the judging began this year Walker said, "I am pleased to announce that we have assembled a diverse and talented group of judges in the still photography categories. They are: Heidi de Laubenfels, assistant managing editor of graphics, photography, and technology for The Seattle Times; Michele McNally, photography editor for Fortune magazine; Janet Reeves, director of photography for the Rocky Mountain News; Clarence Williams, a freelance photojournalist; and Gary Hershorn, director of photography in the United States for Reuters."

Judges in the interactive and Web categories are Mindy McAdams, who is the Knight Chair Professor of Journalism at the University of Florida; Cheryl Diaz Meyer, a photojournalist at The Dallas Morning News; and Anne Conneen, the design editor and an adjunct faculty member at The Poynter Institute.

NPPA BOP Contest Committee members this year are Joe Elbert, of the Washington Post; Kenneth Irby, of The Poynter Institute for Media Studies; and Terry Eiler, director of the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University in Athens, OH.

Sunday's judging began with Pictorial (Category #13). First place is Jeff Hutchens, The National Geographic Channels International; second is Jeff Widener, The Honolulu Advertiser; third is Taylor Jones, The Palm Beach Post. Honorable Mentions went to Eric Mencher, The Philadelphia Inquirer; Alex Majoli, Magnum for Newsweek; and Patrick Tehan, The San Jose Mercury News.

In Portrait and Personality (Category #12), first place is Elaine Skylar, The Concord Monitor; second is Dominic Chavez, The Boston Globe; third is Romain Blanquart, The Detroit Free Press. Honorable Mentions went to Aristide Economopoulos, The Star-Ledger; Vincent Laforet, The New York Times; and Michael Tercha, The Chicago Tribune.

In Conceptual Illustration (Category #16), first place is Patrick Tehan, The San Jose Mercury News; second is Darren Gibbins, The Forum; third is Reza A. Marvashti, The Free Lance-Star. Honorable Mentions went to Damon Winter, The Dallas Morning News, and Bill Greene, The Boston Globe.

In The Arts (Category #14), first place is Ann Johansson, Freelance; second is Aristide Economopoulos, The Star-Ledger; third is Chris Schneider, The Rocky Mountain News. Honorable Mentions went to Sylwia Kapuscinski, The Detroit Free Press; Alan Berner, The Seattle Times; and Fred Squillante, The Columbus Dispatch.

Judging Monday began with Computer Illustration (Category #15). First place is Glen Wexler, Time Magazine; second is Jim Weber, The Commercial Appeal; third is Michael Elins, Time Magazine. An Honorable Mention went to Glen Wexler, Time Magazine.

In Nature and Environment (Category #17), first place is Todd Heisler, The Rocky Mountain News; second is Jeff Hutchens, The National Geographic Channels International; third is Jessica Tefft, The Washington Times. Honorable Mentions went to K.C. Alfred, The San Diego Union-Tribune, and David McNew of Getty Images.

In Domestic News (Category #8), first place is Sean Hiller, The Daily Breeze; second is Gina Ferrazi, Los Angeles Times; third is Matt Miller, The Omaha World-Herald. Honorable Mentions went to Patrick Raycraft, The Hartford Courant; Jim MacMillan, The Philadelphia Daily News; and Lara Cerri, The St. Petersburg Times.

In General News (Category #7), first place is Dai Sugano, The San Jose Mercury News; second is Brad Loper, The Dallas Morning News; third is Fred Zwicky, The Peoria Journal Star. Honorable Mentions went to Thomas Boyd, The Register-Guard; Joe Cavaretta, Associated Press; Rob Ostermaier, The Daily Press; and Max Schulte, The Democrat and Chronicle.

In International News (Category #5), first place is Dominic Chavez, The Boston Globe; second is David Leeson, The Dallas Morning News; third is Cheryl Diaz Meyer, The Dallas Morning News. Honorable Mentions went to Carolyn Cole, Los Angeles Times; John Moore, Associated Press; Jahi Chikwendiu, The Washington Post; Kuni Takahashi, The Boston Herald; and Andy Rogers, The Gazette.

In Individual Sports Action (Category #19), first place is Preston Keres, freelance for Sports Illustrated; second is Al Bello of Getty Images; third is Jeff Gritchen, The Long Beach Press-Telegram. Honorable Mentions went to Thomas Kienzle, Associated Press; Brian Kersey, freelance; Daron Dean, freelance; and Jonas Lindkvist, Dagens Nyheter.

Monday's judging ended in the evening with Magazine Feature (Category #23). First place is Spencer Platt of Getty Images; second is Roger Lemoyne, Redux Pictures; third is Scott Nelson of Getty Images. Honorable Mentions went to Peter Parks, Agency France Press; Roger Lemoyne, Redux Pictures; and Roger Lemoyne, Redux Pictures.

Judging in the television categories wrapped up on March 12 and the complete list of winners are posted online at and The Ernie Crisp Television Photographer of the Year is Ted Nelson of WTVF, Nashville, TN. Brian Weister of KMGH, Denver, CO, was named Editor of the Year. Nashville's WTVF was also named winner of the large market Station of the Year honor. WAVE of Louisville, KY, was the medium market Station of the Year, and WHO-TV of Des Moines, IA, was the small market Station of the Year.