2003 PEQCC Results

By Alex Burrows, PEQCC Chairperson

Congratulations to The Hartford Courant Photo editing team for top honors in the 2003 picture editing competition. They will receive the first place Gold Award for Outstanding Published Work.

This national contest is a year-long competition and involves judging at the end of each quarter. More than 20 judges from different newspapers, magazines and universities participate. Winners are chosen by giving a point value to newspaper pages in top entries in the five categories of news, sports, feature, picture page and multi-page.

Here are the 2003 final results:

  1. The Hartford Courant (Gold) - 710 points
  2. The Palm Beach Post (Silver) - 470 points
  3. The San Jose Mercury News (Bronze) - 290 points


Awards of Excellence

  1. South Florida Sun-Sentinel - 170 points
  2. The St. Petersburg Times - 160 points
  3. The Virginian-Pilot - 160 points
  4. The San Francisco Chronicle - 150 points
  5. The Detroit Free Press - 140 points
  6. The Rocky Mountain News - 110 points
  7. The Daily Press - 60 points
  8. The Kansas City - 60 points
  9. The Spokesman - 60 points


Congratulations to all the teams in the top twelve and thanks to all who participated.