Cutting Edge Opens To All Editors

DENVER, CO – NPPA’s Cutting Edge Competition is now open to all visual editors, anywhere in the world, the contest's chairperson announced.

“Video editors who are not members of the National Press Photographers Association or the White House News Photographers Association will now be able to enter the Competition with a per-entry fee of $10,” Jeramy Rosenberg said. “These entrants will be able to submit one entry in each of the five categories, and will receive points toward the annual ‘NPPA Cutting Edge Editor of the Year’ Award.”

“WHNPA members have been able to submit to the contest for free for the past year, though did not earn points toward the annual award. Effective immediately, WHNPA entrants will now be treated as if they were NPPA members. WHNPA entrants will simply supply proof of their membership in the organization (a photocopy of their membership card) to enter."

“This is a very exciting time as we move forward to build up the reputation and prestige of the competition, and do our part to build up NPPA,” he said.

Rosenberg is a news video editor for KMGH-TV in Denver. Contact him a [email protected] for more information.