San Francisco Bay Area Media, EMS, Police, Fire Workers To Meet

Journalists and San Francisco Bay Area police, fire, and medical first-responders will meet Thursday, August 19, in an unprecedented community event designed to bring members of the media and EMS professional together to discuss their job responsibilities and goals, and what they have in common and where they might clash in the course of doing their jobs.

The event is sponsored by The National Press Photographers Association, The San Francisco Chronicle, and the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma. The session is open to all working journalists, police, fire and paramedic/EMT professionals in the Bay Area.

"They are the 'first-responders,' the photographers, reporters, editors, police, firefighters, and EMTs who are first on the scene of tragedy and disaster," NPPA past president David Handschuh says. "Each has a job to do amid the chaos and trauma: secure the area, help the victims, write the story, capture the images. Many times these jobs and priorities conflict, creating more stress in a stressful situation. And hidden behind the headlines and photographs are the affects on the first-responders, who are forced to face horrific situations as part of their job. How can we leverage this common experience to overcome the inevitable clash of professionals with different goals and responsibilities?"

The event is this Thursday, August 19, at 6:45 p.m. at the Radisson Miyako Hotel, 1625 Post Street, San Francisco CA, 94115, in the Sakura meeting room. Parking is available at the Japan Center Garage, 1600 Geary Street (entrances on both Geary and Post).