NPPA Launches Online Monthly Multimedia Contest

DURHAM, NC - The National Press Photographers Association today launched a new National Monthly Multimedia Contest online, and members can start entering the competition immediately.

Contest chairman Colin Mulvany, of The Spokesman-Review, encourages all NPPA members to enter their work and to take the next step in developing as storytellers. The creation of the contest was announced in October during the week preceding the 49th annual Flying Short Course, where FSC national traveling faculty member Mulvany spoke about the upcoming contest during the seminar’s stops in Philadelphia, North Little Rock, and Fullterton.

“By entering the contest and then judging your peers’ work we will all be exposed to some of the best storytelling out there,” Mulvany said. “My hope is that this contest will become a great teaching and learning tool, as well as a place for recognition from our peers.”

The Web-based contest is open to all NPPA members in good standing and has been designed to be simple to enter and easy to judge.

NPPA president Tony Overman again thanked Mulvany, Brian Immel, Stephen Sample, Joe Barrentine, and everyone else who worked to make the contest possible.

“The time and energy that these people have put in to make the NPPA a better organization for all of the members is commendable,” Overman said. “The investment of time and energy these professionals dedicated is truly humbling.”

Entering the contest requires:

                        A working URL for a multimedia slideshow or video story that’s being submitted;
                        A small thumbnail photograph;
                        And an NPPA member number.

The first fifteen days of each month will be an open entry period for the previous month’s work. The rest of the month is reserved for judging by other NPPA members.

There are two main categories: “Audio Slideshows,” and “Video for the Web.” Each category is then subdivided according to whether it was produced by an “Individual” or a “Team,” making four entry categories in all.

Each NPPA member may enter up to three multimedia stories in each of the “Individual” categories. Entries in the “Team” categories are not limited.

Complete entry information is available here.