Only Region 10 Fills Slate For November Elections

Oct 16, 2006


DURHAM, NC – Sean Elliot, national secretary for the National Press Photographers Association, has announced that in November’s upcoming even-numbered Regional elections only Region 10 has presented a full and qualified slate of candidates. Therefore Regional elections in Regions 2, 4, 6, and 8 will be postponed.

“As directed by NPPA’s Standing Rules, two candidates must run for each office for a valid election to be held,” Elliot said. “In the event that full slates of candidates are not found, elections will be postponed until full slates are ready.” Elliot said that Regions had until September 30 to present full slates in order to hold their Regional election on time.

(For Region 10’s election, candidate biographies and headshots are at the end of this story).

In November the eligible voters in even-numbered NPPA Regions will vote online to elect a director (who serves on the NPPA’s board of directors) and an associate director (who acts as regional membership officer and as a stand-in for a board member who is unable to attend the annual June meeting).

“To run for office in the NPPA an individual must be a News Division member in good standing for the year preceding candidacy and must be nominated by the nominating committee in the Region in which they reside."

Regional directors serve as voting members of the NPPA’s board and meet annually to approve the organization’s budget, make other decisions regarding the governance of the NPPA, and hear reports from the various committee’s and programs. Associate directors serve as the regional membership officer, dealing with the day-to-day needs of the members in the Region and they are designated as the stand-in for the Regional director if needed. Associate directors are not required to attend the annual meeting and may only vote if they are in attendance as proxy for the regional director.

Elections will be held online with balloting taking place through the member’s only area of the NPPA Web site. Voting may be done at any time starting the first of November through the end of the month. Results will be announced early in December.

Elliot urges those who are interested in running for office, or who are curious about the duties of regional officers, the operation of the board of directors, or the governance of NPPA, should contact him or the election’s nominations chairperson in their Region. Elliot can be reached at, and the regional nominations chairs are:

Region 2: Brendan McDermid,
Region 4: Kendra Jane Stanley,
Region 6: Brad Ingram,
Region 8: Ron Erdrich,


Candidates for Region 10 Director

Matt McColl

It has been a privilege serving as your director in Region 10 for the last two years. Exciting things are on the horizon, and I hope that you will have me continue to represent you for another term. Region 10 has a great number of long time NPPA members. Many of you probably remember “the good old days” when Regions were allocated substantial funds for use on the local level. For the past several years, funds have been almost nonexistent; last year Region 10 received only $600 for the entire year. All of that money was spent on our Web site, Though a small amount, it was money well spent; under the direction of webmaster Jeff Gritchen our Web site was recognized as the NPPA’s best regional publication for the second year in a row.

In June of this year, the board of directors passed a budget that shows a commitment to funding at the Regional level. For the first time in years, Regional officers will have some money available to help put on Regional events and strengthen the NPPA at the local level. Our sitting associate director, Tim Reese, is already planning events in California and Arizona in the coming months. It is my hope to continue down this path and return to a time when there is more activity on the regional level of the NPPA, if you will have me.

Thanks for your support.

Jill Sybalsky

I started back in grade school learning B&W photography and developing. In the early 1980's was a photographer for a small local paper till the mid-1990's (the paper is no longer in business). I covered a lot of events photographing things such as the 1989 earthquake to many celebrities, sporting events, California politicians and a couple of presidents. Worked for awhile doing portraits in a studio and then opened my own traveling studio, Ultimate Productions. Became disabled in 2000 and my life came to a stand still. Two years ago restarted my photography as an independent mainly working with digital. Having served on the board of other organizations (scribe, secretary, president, program chairman, membership, and webmaster – plus some I am sure I have missed), I think my experience can be helpful for NPPA.


Candidates for Region 10 Associate Director

Tim Reese

I’ve been involved in photojournalism for 23 years, 17 years as a photojournalist, and six years as a picture editor. Currently I am an assistant director of photography at The Sacramento Bee. I have an associate degree in photography, a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and a master’s degree in magazine writing.

I was appointed to the position of associate director of Region 10 last fall and since then have learned a lot about leadership in the NPPA. I am impressed with the direction we are headed and believe the NPPA has reestablished itself as the premiere photojournalism organization for news photographers in the country. It is moving rapidly in many positive directions, especially in the area of advocacy and education.

My main goal as associate director of Region 10 for the next year would be to organize local educational workshops and seminars, bringing the best and brightest in our region into a format where they can share their knowledge with other members. We have some of the greatest talent in the country living and working in our region. By working in conjunction with local photojournalism organizations as well as colleges and universities, I believe we can create a coalition of learning opportunities for many of our members. These opportunities would also create an environment for better communication between members, providing a more supportive atmosphere for all of us.

Thank you for consideration of my candidacy.

Lucjan Szewczyk

I will assist the Region’s director in all logistic and administrative duties, try to find ways to make Region 10 a leader in truly bringing photojournalism into the 21st century, including adjusting to era of cameraphones and decreasing demand for professional news photographers. I worked over 33 years as a photographer, on east and west coasts, both freelance and staff photojournalist, as well as other fields of photography, including almost 7 years of running my own commercial studio. Presently chief photographer/graphic artist for Scotts Valley Press Banner, a weekly in Santa Cruz county, California. About half of these years spent in managerial capacity, either as chief or head photographer, for newspapers and large photo studios. Graduated in 1973 from Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland, with M.A. in social anthropology, archeology minor, with specialization in field photography. U.S. citizen since 1975, presently residing in San Jose.