NPPA Launches New National Monthly Multimedia Contest

Oct 13, 2006

DURHAM, NC - The National Press Photographers Association has announced the launch of a new National Monthly Multimedia Contest that opens for competition starting November 1.

Chaired by Colin Mulvany, of The (Spokane) Spokesman-Review, the contest is aimed at recognizing excellence in the new forms of visual journalism being practiced by the NPPA membership today. The Web based contest is open to all NPPA members in good standing and it has been designed to be simple to enter and easy to judge.

“This is the next step in taking the NPPA contests online and meeting our members’ needs,” said NPPA president Tony Overman. “I need to thank Colin, Brian Immel, Joe Barrentine, Stephen Sample, and everyone else at the NPPA national office who has made this contest possible.”

Entering the contest requires a working URL for a multimedia slideshow or video story, a small thumbnail photograph, and an NPPA membership number. The first fifteen days of each month will be an open entry period for work from the previous month. The rest of the month is for judging by other NPPA members.

“My hope for this contest is that the work entered will inspire others to innovate,” Mulvany said. “There is so much for all of us to learn about these new forms of storytelling. As we all begin this multimedia journey together, let’s not forget to share what we have learned. Being able to see what everyone else has entered is a great start.”

The new National Monthly Multimedia Contest has four categories:

Audio Slideshow;

Individual producer and Team produced;

Video for Web;

Individual producer and Team produced.

Each NPPA member may enter up to three multimedia stories in each of the “Individual” categories each month. Monthly entries in the “Team” categories are unlimited.

The home page for the new National Monthly Multimedia Contest will launch shortly.