NPPA Even-Numbered Regional Elections Upcoming In November

Aug 31, 2006

DURHAM, NC – NPPA members in Regions 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 will be able to vote during the entire month of November, 2006, for Regional officers as directed by the organization’s Standing Rules, NPPA national secretary Sean D. Elliot said today.

“Regional directors, who serve on the NPPA’s board of directors, and regional associate directors, who act as regional membership officers and default stand-ins for board members unable to attend the annual meeting in June each year, will be elected in online balloting by eligible voters in each of the regions,” Elliot announced.

“None of the five Regions have identified a full slate of candidates for the offices yet,” Elliot pointed out. “According to the NPPA’s governing documents, two candidates must run for each office for a valid election to be held. In the event that full slates of candidates cannot be found, regional elections will be postponed until full slates are ready.”

“To run for office in the NPPA an individual must be a News Division member in good standing for the year preceding candidacy and must be nominated by the nominating committee in the Region in which they reside."

Regional directors serve as voting members of the NPPA’s board and meet annually to approve the organization’s budget, make other decisions regarding the governance of the NPPA, and hear reports from the various committee’s and programs. Associate directors serve as the regional membership officer, dealing with the day-to-day needs of the members in the Region and they are designated as the stand-in for the Regional director if needed. Associate directors are not required to attend the annual meeting and may only vote if they are in attendance as proxy for the regional director.

Elections will be held online with balloting taking place through the member’s only area of the NPPA Web site. A full page of the candidates’ statements, biographies, and pictures will also be on the Web site. Voting may be done at any time starting the first of November through the end of the month. Results will be announced early in December.

Elliot urges those who are interested in running for office, or who are curious about the duties of regional officers, the operation of the board of directors, or the governance of NPPA, should contact him or the election’s nominations chairperson in their Region. Elliot can be reached at secretary@nppa, and the regional nominations chairs are:

Region 2: Brendan McDermid,
Region 4: Kendra Jane Stanley,
Region 6: Brad Ingram,
Region 8: Ron Erdrich,
Region 10: Matt McColll,