New Masters Of Arts In Photojournalism In Sweden

SUNDSVALL, Sweden – There is a new International Masters of Arts in Photojournalism program at Mid Sweden University (Mittuniversitetet) in Sundsvall, Sweden, beginning this year. It is Scandinavia's first and only Masters program in Photojournalism.

The two-year program is taught in English and is open to all international applicants. It is the first and only such program Sweden, as well as being unique in the EU. The Maters program is housed in the Department of Media and Communication Science, the home of the Sweden School of Photojournalism, the country's only Bachelor of Arts degree program in photojournalism.

The program will be unique in Europe because of its breadth, length, and depth, according to John Kimmich-Javier, who has extensive professional experience in photography and in photojournalism education as a formerly professor at the University of Iowa (United States) and now as professor and chair of photojournalism at Mid Sweden University.

The Master answers the media industry’s calls for an in-depth, advanced further education in photojournalism. According to Kimmich-Javier this Master will raise the status of photojournalism and increase the competitiveness of visual journalists on the job market. The goal is to promote and develop visual storytelling and the visual language of photojournalism for a rapidly changing media landscape, and to create a forum for research and debate about the current and future role of photojournalism.

The program is intended for those interested in developing skills in visual storytelling and who hold a university degree in photojournalism or a related field and have at least two years professional experience in a relevant area. A balanced curriculum, with relevant practical and theoretical courses during the first three semesters, culminates in the semester-long master thesis consisting of a visual project.

"The Master gives working professionals a chance to develop and reflect on their work. This is a need expressed by professionals consulted in preparation of the new program," Kimmich-Javier says.

The program involves full-time studies on campus during the beginning three semesters. During the fourth term, students work independently on their thesis projects and will be required short campus visits for meetings in the advisory groups.

Applications for candidates beginning in the fall term of 2013 will be accepted between October 16, 2012 and January 15, 2013.

For additional information about prerequisites, application procedures and deadlines for the Masters program, go to their Web site at

For additional information contact John Kimmich-Javier at [email protected].