Prepare For The New Cameras-Everywhere World

Controversial New York Post front page with subway-death photo
Controversial New York Post front page with subway-death photograph.

New technology means we’ll only see more images like the New York Post subway-death photo 

By Dan Gilmore

In the recent controversy over whether photographer R. Umar Abbasi could or could not have saved Ki-Suck Han from being struck by a New York City subway train, there's no definitive proof one way or the other, Dan Gilmore writes in Slate. 

But it won't be long, he reports, before questions like this can be answered because of the growing number of video cameras in public places. They will assure, Gilmore reports, that people will have to think a lot harder about their actions because of the implications video evidence will provide. And while the mainstream media and the choices editors make will still matter, he says, over time "the more important choices will be made by the audience."

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