"Cutting Edge VI" Workshop Was A Big Success In January

By Vicki Hildner

Not even the threat of an impending ice storm (breaking news!) kept nearly 100 people from attending the Cutting Edge VI "Will Fix it in Editing" workshop on January 29. It drew such a large crowd that the National Press Photographers Association sponsored event had to be moved from the planned WTVD-TV location to the larger Durham Marriott in Raleigh-Durham, NC. The workshop was also sponsored by Quantel and WTVD-TV ABC 11 Eyewitness News.

Some of the seminar attendees staggered in after a 15-hour drive. But everyone woke up quickly Saturday morning thanks to a fast-moving video opening created by Editors Shawn Montano and Mike Nunez of CBS 4 in Denver, CO (that, and a complimentary breakfast).

Brian Weister, the NPPA Television Editor of the Year, introduced the audience to his award-winning segment, “The Rides To Die For,” a story about a hearse car club in Colorado, as well as many more crowd-pleasing stories. Brian, an editor at KMGH-TV in Denver, talked about going beyond a job’s scope and working within one’s newsroom to better develop a creative environment.

Next up, Joe Torelli of Quantel. Joe kept the crowd intrigue by his knowledge and continued devotion to helping us all further our craft with the development of non-linear software. Quantel brought in all the latest toys for everyone to see!

Matt Rafferty of WJW Fox 8 in Cleveland shared some his fine work, including an unforgettable segment on a "gang wall" in Baltimore. Rafferty won The Cutting Edge Editor of the Year Award based on quarterly editing contest results. Rafferty talked about ways to make "creative marriages" within the newsroom in order to get your best work on the air.

After lunch, Vicki Hildner, special projects producer at KCNC-TV in Denver, talked about writing for the edit. In addition to presenting segments featuring a car accident victim, a young Marine injured in Iraq and a postman retiring after 30 years on the same route, Hildner shared her thoughts on logging video, the use of natural sound, and effective pacing.

Shawn Montano, the Cutting Edge director, closed the seminar with an interesting look into his mind and logic of editing. Montano created the “Human Edit” using “Cutting Edge” participants. In his presentation, he also showed segments on a house fire, one of his favorite stories, “The New York Street Boys,” about some kids in Boulder, CO, that bang on just about anything to make music, and a story about sex toys (yes... sex toys).

Breakout sessions closed the seminar as each staff member met with small groups to answer questions and critique work.

Special thanks for Quantel for continuing to sponsor the Cutting Edge. Very special thanks to WTVD ABC 11 Eyewitness News in Durham, NC, and chief photographer Lou Davis who did all the heavy lifting! Hope to see you next year at the Cutting Edge VII!!