NPPA's Honors & Recognition Awards Now Open For Nominations

DURHAM, NC – NPPA past president Todd Stricker urges members to please take a moment to nominate for recognition those individuals who have given time and energy to the NPPA and the world of photojournalism during the past year.

"Please send all award nominees names with a brief reason why you think they should receive the award to [email protected]," Stricker asks. "There are numerous awards to be given, and they're described here and on the NPPA Web site." Deadline for nominations is April 30, 2005. Here are some of the awards open for nominations:

Joseph A. Sprague Memorial Award
This award, established in 1949, is the highest honor in the field of photojournalism. It is awarded to not more than two individuals each year and is granted only if achievement is, in the opinion of the Committee on Honorary Recognitions, of a sufficiently high standard. Two awards may be given:

1. To a working photojournalist, a plaque and ring to an individual who advances, elevates or attains unusual recognition for the profession of photojournalism by conduct, initiative, leadership, skill and devotion to duty.
2. To an individual not a working photojournalist, a plaque and ring for unusual service or achievement beneficial to photojournalism or for an outstanding technology advance in equipment or processes of photojournalism.

Joseph A. Sprague, who died in 1947, was a press technical representative for Graflex Corp., Rochester, N.Y. The firm manufactured Graflex and Speed and Crown Graphic cameras and flash units. Sprague is credited with the design of the Big Bertha, Magic Eye and Combat Camera and dozens of refinements to the Speed Graphic.

Joseph Costa Award
Awarded to an individual for most outstanding initiative, leadership and service in advancing the goals of NPPA in the tradition of Joseph Costa, a founder of NPPA, its first president and chairman of the board (one award each year; established 1954). Joseph Costa also edited the official NPPA magazine, then called the National Press Photographer, from 1946 to 1966. For nearly 44 years, he was a photographer, chief photographer or photo supervisor for the New York Morning News, New York Daily News and New York Daily Mirror. Until 1985, he taught photojournalism at Ball State University, Muncie, IN, where he was awarded an honorary degree upon retirement. Joe Costa died in 1988. Claude Cookman's book, A Voice Is Born, written for the NPPA, describes the role Costa played in the founding of the organization.

Clifton C. Edom Award
This award, established in 1991, recognizes an individual in the tradition of Cliff Edom to inspire and motivate members of the photojournalism community to reach new heights. Cliff Edom taught at the University of Missouri for 29 years where he founded the University of Missouri Photojournalism Workshop and the Pictures of the Year competition. Edom was co-author of Picture Editing, the first book about picture handling for newspaper photographers and editors. He also wrote three other books. In addition, Edom is credited with coining the word "photojournalism." Clif Edom died in 1991.

J. Winton Lemen Fellowship Award
Awarded to those rendering continuing outstanding service in the interests of press photography and for outstanding technical achievement in photography (established 1948). J. Winton Lemen was a charter member of the NPPA. In 1952, after a distinguished career as a news photographer at the Rocky Mountain News, Pittsburgh Press and Buffalo Times, Lemen established the photo press markets division of the Eastman Kodak Co. and served as the firm's liaison with the nation's news photographers. Wint Lemen also organized four Rochester Photo Conferences and established a scholarship in his name at Kent (OH) State University. He retired from Kodak in 1970 and died in Rochester, NY, on July 25, 1984. He was a recipient of NPPA's Joseph Sprague Award.

Kenneth P. McLaughlin Award
This award is given to those rendering continuing outstanding service in the interests of news photography whether or not they are members of the profession. Kenneth P. McLaughlin, a photographer for the San Francisco Chronicle until his death in 1952, was the third president of the NPPA.

Morris Berman NPPA Citations
This citation is given to individuals or organizations for special contributions advancing the interests of photojournalism. Morris Berman is a past president of the NPPA and the Press Photographers Association of Greater Pittsburgh. He had attended all of NPPA's annual conventions until his death in 2002.

Jim Gordon Editor of the Year Award
Renamed in recognition of News Photographer Editor Emeritus Jim Gordon in 2003. Originally established in 1958 and awarded annually to a newspaper or magazine editor for outstanding service to the profession of photojournalism and to the progress and ideals of NPPA.

Robin F. Garland Educator Award 
This award is given for outstanding service as a photojournalism educator. Bob Garland was a picture editor and war correspondent for the Saturday Evening Post until he joined Graflex Inc. as press representative after WWII. Later he became a press photography products specialist for Eastman Kodak Co. He died in December 1972.

John Durniak Mentor Award
Awarded to an individual who has served as an outstanding mentor, either to specific individual or to photojournalism in general. Nominations are to come from working photojournalists. The recipient of the award may have, but not need to have, any formal connection to photojournalism. Over the years, Durniak was executive editor of Popular Photography magazine, picture editor at Time magazine and The New York Times, and managing editor of Look. He was an enthusiastic mentor who nurtured some of the most prominent photojournalists in the 20th century. John Durniak died in 1997.

Humanitarian Award 
The Humanitarian Award is presented to an individual for playing a key role in the saving of lives or in rescue situations.

NPPA Special Citations

Outstanding Publication Award 
The award recognizes the production of the most outstanding regional chapter publication.

Outstanding Student Chapter