Candidates Named For NPPA National Offices

DURHAM, NC- The NPPA Nominations Committee chaired by Region 10 director Matt McColl has put forth four candidates for two of the NPPA's top national offices. The candidates are for the offices of NPPA vice president and secretary.

Going into June's meeting of the board of directors during The Summit in Tampa Bay, FL, these are the nominated candidates. Additional candidates for president, vice president, and secretary can be made "from the floor" by a board member during the board meeting. As a NPPA member you can make your wishes known about which candidates you support by contacting your regional director or associate director. Their contact information, listed by regions, is published on the NPPA Web site.

Here's a look at the nominated national candidates and some brief biographical information on each:

Nominees for Vice President:


Harry DiOrio is a freelance photographer and editor based in Manhattan. He started his photography career working on the high school yearbook and shooting pictures for weekly newspapers on eastern Long Island while in high school.

DiOrio has been an active NPPA member since 1984 and is now the director of NPPA’s Region Two. In addition to attending countless NPPA conferences, he has participated as a Northern Short Course faculty member, NSC education chairperson, and the local chairperson at the NSC and Flying Short Course during stops in Syracuse. He has also been a frequent portfolio reviewer for the organization at the FSC, NSC and Women’s Conferences.

During college, he developed his love for photojournalism while working as a photographer and the photo editor of Syracuse University’s student-published daily newspaper. He was also the university’s sports information photographer, an intern at Newsday, a freelance photographer for UPI, AP, Newsday and others, as well as a part-time photographer for The Citizen in Auburn, NY, all before graduating from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University with a BA in photo-illustration and psychology in 1983.

Upon graduation, DiOrio started work full time as a staff photographer for The Citizen in Auburn, becoming the newspaper’s chief photographer a few months later. He moved to the Syracuse Newspapers as a staff photographer in 1984. He became Assistant Director of Photography at the Syracuse Newspapers in 1989, and was promoted to Director of Photography in 1990. At the time, the newspaper group consisted of three papers: The Post-Standard (morning), Herald-Journal (evening) and Herald American (Sunday).

He received his MBA from Syracuse University in 1995, with a concentration in color management that was done in cooperation with a professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology. In 1999, he was promoted to Assistant Managing Editor for Photography at the Syracuse Newspapers, which then became a one-newspaper company, The Post-Standard. During his tenure, DiOrio changed the newspaper’s photo department from a reactive service-oriented department to a proactive partner in the news gathering process with an equal voice in coverage and publication decisions.

A respected photo coach, DiOrio has been instrumental in the development of many photojournalists during his career and several established photojournalists still count on him for project editing and photo coaching which he does in his spare time. His work has been published in Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, The LA Times, Newsday, AP, UPI, Reuters, Newhouse News Service, Religion News Service, Knignt Ridder Tribune, as well as many other magazines, daily newspapers and by his commercial clients. He has taught photography, photojournalism and photo editing as an adjunct faculty member at Syracuse University’s Newhouse school.


Scott Utterback is the chief photojournalist at WAVE-TV in Louisville, KY.

“I don’t believe Tradition should be a foundation set in stone… an excuse to avoid change… a justification for doing things the way we have always done it because that is the way we have always done it.

“Tradition is a passionate spirit born with our first photo that carries us to the next and to the next. It has enabled us to change with the times by always putting the craft first. The innovations of the industry have challenged us, excited us and even have scared us but they have never made us wavier from what is important… the image.

“The NPPA is at its strongest when we hold true to this. The News Photographer magazine is better and the BOP contest is better because we were not stuck in tradition but we were guided by it. These are just two examples of many positive changes the NPPA has undergone over the last few years. This spirit must not stop now.


Nominees for National Secretary:


Sean D. Elliot is a staff photojournalist for The Day in New London, CT.

"Without continuity in leadership the same wheel gets reinvented over and over. That's why I’m running for re-election for the position ofNPPA national secretary.

"Our organization has for decades been hampered by the frequent turnover on the EC. I’ve had the privilege of serving with two fine presidents and on two executive committees that have worked very hard to keep finances in line and handle the month-to-month operations of the organization. My skills and attention to detail as secretary have been a positive contribution to this important work.

"I’m proud to have been part of the NPPA leadership, as both as a regional director and as a member of the EC, that has been righting our fiscal ship. I ask your support in continuing to do my part in this important work.


Matt Snider is a native New Yorker, born in the shadow of Yankee Stadium. He became interested in photography and journalism while in junior high school and carried that interest into high school and college, working on and contributing to various school and community publications. Throughout high school and during college, he assisted his brother, a well-known New York-based freelance photographer, in the operation of his practice.

College led to business interests as Matt enjoyed a career as a management consultant for several large accounting and law firms specializing in compliance and operations of tax-exempt organizations under Section 501c of the tax code. Due to Matt’s deep interest in computers, he became involved in the then nascent computer user group movement in the 1980’s. He assisted many groups around the U.S. in structuring and conforming their operations to meet the requirements of the law to become tax exempt as educational and membership organizations. He has also served as president, vice president, corporate secretary, executive director, incorporator and board member of several large 501c educational organizations.

However, the call of the camera and the burgeoning digital age compelled Matt to merge those interests and pursue his early passion as a freelance photographer and journalist. As a result, Matt works extensively with community newspapers surrounding the major cities of Dallas and Ft. Worth. He provides both reporting and photojournalism services where needed and computer and network support services to the print and Internet media. He also supports professionals and organizations such as photographers and journalists, graphic artists, editorial and reporting staffs, and photo distribution agencies (among others). When he is not shooting or reporting events or up to his elbows in computers and networks, he enjoys nature and architectural photography and teaching photography. Matt is married and has four children and one Yamaha motorcycle.